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Geeks R Us started out as a forum in 2002 and has matured into obscurity. The LJ community is an attempt at bringing the memebers of GRU back together to post and have fun.

What is GRU?
We're just a group of silly people who share some common interests: games, anime, computers, web design, and other stuff commonly associated with those interests. GRU also provides a place for people to discuss more sensitive topics in a reasonably safe and anonymous environment.

Who can join?
Anyone can join, we're not limiting membership to the forum members only. Membership is moderated, so we might do a quick once-over to make sure you don't spam your other communities or engage in assholeish behavior.

What are the rules?
This is actually worth reading, because it's damn funny: How to Write like a Wanker.
I thought long and hard about what our rules should be, and decided that basically, I want you all to not do ANYTHING outlined in that article.


  • LJ CUT long entries! It's not hard, just put a <lj-cut text="your description"> {insert long stuff here} </lj-cut> around images that are more than 300px wide, fun memes, or text that takes more than a few paragraphs.

  • No harassing community members here or outside of the community.

  • No telling other people that their opinions are wrong. In a good debate, you want to question the logic behind the opinion, instead of attacking the opinion itself or the person who holds it.

  • No fighting, even if someone else started it, and/or deserves it. Come to a moderator if someone's being an ass, and we'll handle it ourselves. If you absolutely must fight, go do it on your own journals.

  • No pushing your opinions onto other people when they didn't ask for it.

  • If someone says/does something on the board that offends you, let a moderator know, don't hash it out in a flame war. We don't take sides, we stop poo from being flung, even if it's our buddies who are flinging it.

  • Because it's easier to access than the forum, we ask that you please keep locked posts private, meaning no sharing, and keeping a close eye on who's got access to your account (parents, boyfriends, etc.). We'd like to be able to keep some of the "safe and anonymous" quality of the forum, and in order to do that, we need full cooperation from members.

Just common respect stuff, really.

Owners: divadrummer, blacklotus135, pancakeabuse
Moderators: foetusinfetu, sneekapeek, demonyaj

Helpful Stuff:
  • To post an entry that only community members can read: "...you will need to select the "Friends" security level. There is no way to use a "Private" or "Custom" security level in a community." From the Faq.
  • Posting Pictures. Paid Livejournal accounts can use their free pics.livejournal.com account to upload and link pictures into any page on livejournal.com, including this one. If you don't have a paid LiveJournal account, you can use a place like photobucket.com or imageshack.us to upload and link pictures in a very similar way.
  • Sending huge files. I like to use yousendit.com for those. It does expire after awhile though, so if you want something more permanent, time to start thinking about getting some website space for yourself...