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Do You Wann Date My Avatar?

You've probably all seen this by now, but just in case you haven't....

It was directed by Joss Whedon's brother, Jed, so that makes it even awesomer by geek standards. By the way, if you haven't watched The Guild yet you definitely should. Apparently most of the cast members actually play WoW, including Felicia Day. And Felicia Day is super hot.
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So the question becomes, is the quiet on this group just because of our collective low self-esteem (as the group info might seem to suggest?) or what?

*pokes everyone* Whatcha up to, is it cool, and do I want to do it?

I'm bored. :(

You guys will appreciate my icon.

Thought I would share how awesome my boyfriend is. Saturday was one of our friends' birthdays, so she had an 80's themed party (she's really into dressing up and stuff, and it's always fun!) Everyone else went as kind of hair band-ish and/or full-house-ey stuff, I personally was inspired by "Flashdance" (and the fact that I was limited to the contents of my local Goodwill), but my boyfriend was super awesome and went as "Revenge of the Nerds."

Here's a picture.Collapse )

Isn't he just so sexy for dressing up like that?

He also dug out his old original Nintendo and brought it to the party. It didn't work (did those things ever work? Even new?) but it did inspire an evening of downloaded vintage Wii games. And porn. Lots of really weird porn. Don't ask. lol

Long road home

A Very Happy Anniversary!

Today is yet another one-year anniversary for Glenn and I, and a rather important one: it was one year ago today that we met in person, face-to-face for the first time, at what is now the old Southwest Florida International Airport. Unfortunately I don't think we could even go to the original location to relive the memory, but the important thing is ... we still have each other. :)

We've been through a lot at this point; and still a lot more to go through. I mean, it's only been a year, for crying out loud. But I have more faith, more hope in our relationship than ever before, and more love for Glenn than I thought I was capable of.

Babe, I love you now and forever, and always, and I will always be Your Queen. ^.^ ()


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I know this community goes through dead patches every now and then but c'mon, people. Let's pour some fuel on the fire.

That, and I love to be the one that reminds people that this community exists. When we're active, we are very tight-knit and supportive and that is c00beans. Hell, we even had our own neat little fairy tale come true. Aren't we special. XD

And I'm on recovery from surgery. So, life is so sad for me. ;.; See? I cry from sadness.

So where does one get one of these Geekboys, anyway?Collapse )
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Geek love is: "Honey, promise me you won't hit 40 til I get home from work tommorrow night? I want to shower you in flower petals and moonbeams."

And then he proceeded to taunt me with his Epic Mount.