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Greeks Declaring Intelligence

We're not "that guy"

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This community is for you if you've ever

. . . posted a thread on greekchat.com, only to have it locked by a mod for revealing "too much" when you say that you make your new members wear white closed-toe shoes during ritual.
. . . posted an intelligent topic for debate on greekchat.com, only to have it bogged down in replies that compare you to a monster for suggesting that Greek life is not all roses and lollipops.
. . . heard a Greek say that "sorority hazing is a myth," "Greeks don't drink any more than non Greeks," or "Appearance doesn't matter during rush."
. . . wanted to discuss rush realistically instead of blowing sunshine up a rushee's ass when she's a senior with a 2.2 GPA rushing at Bama.
. . . referred to chiomegasecrets.com by its actual name, instead of "The Website That Shall Not Be Named."
. . . realized that Greek life isn't your whole life.

Kath and Heather are your friendly moderators, and we reserve the power to lay the smack down wherever and whenever. We've made this a closed community because we could. If you want to be added, click the link up top, and we'll probably add you. If we don't, there's a reason. If you don't like that, go start your own community.