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Hey all,

My name's Angie, and I'm in a strange situation. I belong to a sorority that the school calls a society (it was founded in 1851 and the College required it to be a literary society, and though it functions now as a sorority, we can't technically call it that), Belles Lettres, and we were "re-founded" a few semesters ago (the group fell apart for about 5 years).

My question focuses mainly around sisterhood. We have quite a few new members this year, which is fantastic for us, and they are all exceptionally close, because all our pledges who completed pledging live on the same floor of the same fact, many of them are roommates. While they are all very close knit, they seem to be very isolated from the rest of the group. This has been a recent development, but it's something that the rest of the group is really worried about. The pledge process was fine--all the girls got along great, but shortly after initiation, the new actives began to break off from the rest of us. I feel very disconnected from our group...quite a few of us do. We're working on resolving this situation for the next semester, but we're a small group (30 girls), so obviously there's some hurt feelings and resentment that can't and won't filter out like it would in a larger chapter.

How do you handle these situations? Do these problems even arise in your chapters? How do you go about forming a sisterhood, and maintaining that sisterhood?

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