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My name is Brittany Turner. I am a student in the MPS in Humanistic and Multicultural Education program at the State University of New York at New Paltz, and a Sigma Delta Tau alumna. For my Social Structure and Change course, I have chosen to do my thesis on hazing, specifically in sororities. I would like to focus on the following:

My research will include:
- specific incidences of hazing
- types of hazing
- the purpose of hazing
- why people encourage (or sustain) hazing
- how hazing specifically effects college women
- evaluating the goals and intentions of hazing
- how to eliminate or modify practices considered hazing

My sources will consist primarily of journal studies, books, articles and interviews, with varying degrees of anonymity (i.e. the individual, organization, school, etc. can all be kept confidential).

The second part of the thesis will consist of an action plan, including a sample new member process that incorporates tradition and education but eliminates hazing. It will (hopefully) encompass the goals intended by hazing practices, without the negative effects.

If anyone is interested in either being interviewed, or offering sample new member processes (either complete, or specific examples, of either hazing practices OR hazing alternatives), it would be greatly appreciated. You can e-mail me at, or comment if you feel comfortable. I will maintain complete confidentiality, and only include information you specifically permit. Also, if you would like to reccomend any sources, it would also be helpful. :)


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