Selling Visual K mags with posters

Originally posted by khaniscar at Selling Visual K mags with posters
I'm selling the following magazines. All perfect condition!

A) All with posters. 13€ each. Arena special with two posters and Miyavi sticker set 16€

B) No poster. 9€

C) poster of the cover artist 9€ each

D) Kera special 4€ each. Kera 3€ each

All plus shipping. Payment by paypal.
Shipping from Portugal.
I would rather not ship just one mag. If you spend more than 40€ I'll add a flyer of your choice of vk band of your choice.
Any questions please PM me.

My D sales post will follow shortly

gazette ticket THE DECADE sale

I do have one ticket for 10th Anniversary, THE DECADE for sale.
It is a GFC Ticket, so I don´t know the number yet, though it most probably will be a good number, so there is a great chance for the front rows.
The ticket is not yet in my hands, I will pick it up on the concert day.
If you are interested, please send me a PM or leave a comment.
By chance, please also send me your mobile phone number, so we can find each other at the venue to exchange the money to the ticket.

The Ticket cost is 12.000 YEN