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♥ [☆Eye Candyland☆]♥

┼Never forget the ones you HATE┼

~Ga*Ta*Da Memories~
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♥Hello and welcome to Eye Candyland- a community based on writings about asian music artists.♥
I originally planned on making this a community specifically for j-rock roleplaying but then I figured roleplying just didn't fit to everyones liking. Fanfictions need love to. :P
Here you will be able to request, create, or share fanfictions, poems, and/or roleplays about asian music artists. It is open for everyone to join so there are no varification invitations or anything like that, although there are a few requests I ask of you before you decide on joining.

☆I know a lot of people are unable to write to their satisfaction and some just plain out hate their writing, but I ask of you to at least post one story, poem, or roleplay. It would be greatly appreciated.

☆There will be NO flaming. If you hate a particular music artist for whatever reason there are other ways to vent your hatred than bashing other peoples work. I don't care what your reasons are, it's rude and if it happens you will be removed. However you are more than welcome to put whatever negativity you want in your stories, it's YOUR choice.

☆Please respect others writings. Of course you are able to express your opinion, weather it be positive or negative, on someones work but please think out what you say before you post something that could offend/hurt/or upset another. Just disguise your nasty comments with nice words to put it simply. :D

☆If you stumble on a fanfiction or poem written by someone other than yourself and you would like to share it, make sure you give FULL credit to the creator and inform them you will be taking it. If you do NOT inform the creator or fail to give them recognition the writing will be removed. I understand if you made a mistake so I will not remove you. The last thing I want is an angry author, though! O.O

☆Lasty, make SURE your story and/or roleplay is based on an asian music artist. Pop, rock, techno, classical, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, I don't care! Just be certain it has to do with a REAL music artist from asia. Yaoi and yuri are accepted with a lot of love so don't be afraid to share the rainbow~ If you have a problem with reading X-rated material on gays or lesbians I suggest you leave now before we chase you away with our bright colors. Hey don't say I didn't warn you. :P
Poems do not have to deal with a musical artists. It's your choice.

If there are any questions or problems just contact Spider_6_Legs(Me.) I screwed up when I first made this community so do NOT contact Ga_ta_Da for questions because 6_Spider_Legs is my REAL journal.

♥Enjoy your time here and remember to have fun!♥

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