We will whip that ass

... then fuck it, and tell you how bad it sucked

Pink Bunnies Represent
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we started not too long ago with a young man and a young woman who disliked people. they wanted to kick ass, but knew they would be unable to do so alone.

they found refuge in eachother, tag teamed, and started a small gang. the pink bunnies/gangsta blacks are sick mother fuckers who enjoy spreading the beat down.

after spreading havoc around a small place called lakeland they decided to make their name known.

with bad attitudes in hand the fact is you may like them, but they sure as hell don't like you.

if you be thinkin' you can settle yo' hand in this mo' fo' goes on 'n' try. we only speak ebonics in da beeatch.

Don't front like you don't want this shit

Hardcore mothafuckas:
Texas Tindle
Jay-Jay the Jetplane of cappin' yo skank ass... bitch!
Alyssa Malicious
Sheila Shocker
Mary Massacre
Ashley Murder
Kat Kaboooooom
Anal Sex Aaron
Jackoff John Crayon
Donkey-Punch David
Ben Raped
Ashley Arunava

...sweet irony... mothafucka'
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