A Dead Man's (shootdashit) wrote in _gangstablacks_,
A Dead Man's

Pauly Shore is running for office of my rectum.

i had a black friend once. i used to see him every morning as i got ready for school. he had a magic pen that made cool noises when he wrote with it. there were pages with pictures that he wrote on and my friend sung the neatest songs too! "picture page! picture page!" i miss him. he went away one day, daddy said, after daddy got home early from work and saw my friend on tv. daddy said that all black people were niggers and should die. my daddy is so smart. i hope everyone in this community is white just like Jesus. Praise Jesus. And praise pink bunnies. And by "pink", I mean the color. Not the singer. She dates blacks. totally gross. I'd never date a black person ever. I'd let one do me in the ass, but that's about it. Okay, maybe a couple more than just one.
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