November 21st, 2003


did somebody say mcnuts in your mouf?

went to taco bell, there was this hoe there named alyssa
believe me she didnt whispa...
she jumped over the counter
...led me to the bathroom stalls
i gave her what she wanted, a combo number 2, my dick and my balls

im fast food fuckin cuz im low on the funds
fast food fuckin alyssa cuz she likes my meat in her buns.

some bitches feel like a nut
some bitches dont
this bitch like to take it up the butt and down her throat
im fuckin all the bitches in the fast food biz
they all want my balls in they mouf thats just how it is

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so i went to taco bell in search of a gordita
"what can i getcha" asked this fine senoirita
i said "i'll have a taco and my dick inside your mouf
so drop on your knees bitch and go down south"
the bitch kneeled down, made a run fo my border
he opened up his mouf and i placed my order.

and thats how i met jared...