November 11th, 2003

your mom

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yo tindle. you know what? i was gonna start talking shit bout yo skank ass, then i realized i was trippin'...

trippin over yo momma's pants she left on my flo' last night. shiiiiiit
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my keys are... cool?

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yo' kaboooooom i hope you find one of yo' skank ass dumped boys give 'em head and choke and die on their fucking cock. that'll teach you never to sign off on my ass. word.
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Just thought.

Just thought that I'd mention how hardcore I am. I was hardcore enough to never have even heard of this goddamned community and be invited. As part of my nomination speech, I'd like to say that odds are that I hate every goddamned one of you, but I'll pretend to like you to your face. Also I wear loose, baggy pants and shirts that I randomly pull out of my closet and don't color coordinate (partly because I'm color-blind).

I would also like to say that if any of you fuckers have a problem with that, I suggest you shove it up your ass. Any questions? Tough shit. I don't answer questions. I don't even ask them. As a matter of fact, I don't think that I'm even aware of what a question mark is.

Holla at a nigga. Or whatever the fuck you "hep" kids say these days.
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