.heaven sent. (moonlitdarkness) wrote in _gangsta_lovin,
.heaven sent.

bitch, please.

i'll be a mod if you'd like.

(1) name - mi nombre es meg, puta.
(2) age - twenty. twenty-one in two months.
(3) where yo cribs at - horseheads during the summer, ithaca during the school year. ithaca college, represent.

(4) favorite bands - the cure, alkaline trio, brand new, guns 'n' roses, brandtson, the weakerthans, tegan & sara
(5) favorite films - love actually, ferris bueller's day off, finding nemo, the breakfast club, once upon a time in mexico, the princess bride, pulp fiction, true romance, se7en, etc.
(6) favorite books - the little prince <3, don't sleep with your drummer
(7) favorite color - bright ass pink.

(8) why are you gangsta enough for this community? - i am also from the lovely town of horseheads and i know how to make the best early nineties mix cd ever.

(9) pimp yourself - all i have is my little ghetto fab webcam pictures, kyle can vouch that i'm not a troll, accept it and move on. and / or buy me a digital camera. july fifteenth, motherfuckers.

that ghetto booty brings in all the men with bling.

let's be honest, my shirt is the sex.

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