Miss Kyle (vivica) wrote in _gangsta_lovin,
Miss Kyle

damn, it feels good to be a gangsta

first post! yay. alright, this is my new community. it's a rating community, so you have to be fucking cool to get in...
but don't be scared, join, cause it'll be a good time. i figured i'd fill out an application, even though i'm the mod, just because. also, if you'd like to be a mod, fill out an application, and let me know that you wanna be a mod. i need probably 2 or 3...so yeah okay
heres my app.

1. Name kyle.
2. Age eighteen years.
3. Where do you Live? right now, in central new york, and in boston starting this august.

4. Favorite Bands (5-10, no more than that.) modest mouse, built to spill, jay-z, mirah, minus the bear, xiu xiu, scout niblett, outkast, and lucero
5. Favorite Films fight club, kill bill vols 1+2, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, how to deal
6. Favorite Books anything by kurt vonnegut, especially "cat's cradle", nine stories-salinger, 1984-orwell
7. Favorite Color green or brown

8. Why are you Gangsta Enough for this Community? i live in a town called Horseheads. it don't get no more gangsta than that.
9. 4+ Pictures of yo Ghetto Self.

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