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1. Name: Eric
2. Age: 18
3. Where do you Live?: The great white noth, aka canada. the toronto suburb type.

4. Favorite Bands: brand new, the postal service, the early november, the used, the bled, run dmc, ill mitch, mr bungle, i guess thats good.
5. Favorite Films: high fidelity, wierd science: the rules of attraction, edward scissor hands, the nightmare before christmas, back to the future
6. Favorite Books: the fall(graphic novel), alice in wonderland, charlie and the chocolate factory, peter pan. the books are all better than the movies
7. Favorite Color: typically i cant go wrong with red black and white, like jack white but i care about what music sounds like.

8. Why are you Gangsta Enough for this Community?
2 pac said i should apply "fo sho" and then he secretly released 1007 albums and made 7359756789-6 posters of himself to rival only kurt cobain.

9. War in Iraq: i think its hilarious. i found a soldiers lj once and he totally said no one knew what they were doing.
10. Abortion: if youve ever done any research into abortion methods, which i have, you would not ever be able to even think about it.
11. Jay-Z's Retirement: retire what hes got companies everywhere and bills spillin out his benz
12. Gay Marriage: im a drama geek, id like to see some of my friends get married one day. nuff said.

13. Please Promote this Community, either in another community or your LJ. SHOW THE LINK:

14. Pimp yoself with 4+ Pictures.

fuck the po-lice

the t shirt soon to be riddled with bullet holes.. like fiddy cent!

excuse me sir, are you flexing on my grill?
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