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1. Name Dan
2. Age 16
3. Where do you Live? Bennington, Vermont

4. Favorite Bands Thursday, Converge, Radiohead, The Jason Earl Experience, POstal Service, and for fun.. Battle Axe Records artists.

5. Favorite Films High Fidelity, That Thing You Do, Office Space (Though ive never seen the whole thign unedited) Johnny Tsunami, Road Trip
6. Favorite Books A Seperate Peace, Animal Farm, Tale of Two Cities
7. Favorite Color As a child its was green

8. Why are you Gangsta Enough for this Community? Because I roll on a car with spinners, well not really... I roll in a Cadalac Escalade with 24" spinners that I can fit like 6 shorties in, but unfortunately it has become apparent to me that you can't really have sex with more than one of the shorties at a time. Also I am in The Jason Earl Experience. Look us up on hxcmp3.com.

9. War in Iraq I think we are doing a decent thing over there. These people deserve to be liberated. Their situation under Saddam was horrible. Things are not going well right now though. I'm a bit torn. I mean things were horrible before, they haven't gotten much better yet, and a lot of money has been spent. Hopefully it turns out well. Maybe we can colonize them. Imperialism rules.
10. Abortion Adoption is a better answer. Safety and responsibility are key when "banging."
11. Jay-Z's Retirement A bit sad, though I was never a big fan of his. He is smart to be going out of the top. I have a feeling he will make a comeback and atleats he'll still be producing.
12. Gay Marriage As I've said before I feel like theres a hidden agenda. I feel like they only want it to prove to everyone that they are equal. Maybe they subconsciously feel inferior?




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    This is laurapink.

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