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1. Name - chris.
2. Age - 18.
3. Where yo cribs at - colorado, biatch.

4. Favorite Bands (5-10, no more than that.) - at the drive-in, mars volta, wu tang clan, american nightmare, what feeds the fire, and non prophets.
5. Favorite Films - kill bill 1&2, gladiator, pulp fiction, falling down, and scarface.
6. Favorite Books - i haven't been reading a lot lately now that i'm out of high school.
7. Favorite Color - pink.. only real men like pink.

8. Why are you Gangsta Enough for this Community? because i'm black UNDER the skin.
9. 4+ Pictures of yo Ghetto Self.


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    This is laurapink.

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    hate_thecool. you know how it is, i had to. go play over there, it'll be a good time.

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