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1. Name: Deme
2. Age:17
3. Where do you Live?I live in Boarding school...in the boonies...its an arts school..FO SHO! WORD UP TO MY HOMIES IN VT>
4. Favorite Bands (5-10, no more than that.)The Beatles, Sleater Kinney, NIN, Lots of Technoey Stuff, (there are no rap bands),AFI, lots of stuff, The Ramones, White Stripes, Sex Pistols(even if they are the Monkees of 77 punk),
5. Favorite Films Boondock Saints, Donnie Darko, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Fight Club, Empire Records
6. Favorite Books: Anne Rice(any book), Anything by Chuck Palahniuk, White Oleander, once again, alot.Alice in Wonderland...all sorts of disney business.
7. Favorite Color Blue
8. Why are you Gangsta Enough for this Community? I am the gangstaest gangsta around..Har...erm...I listen to alot of Rap, RnB, Funk, Soul, etc. and that is why, this is a music community, after all. Oh yeah..I digthe banners...ALOT...har. I don't dig people getting up in my grill for being such a crazy gangsta. DON"T BE GETTIN UP IN MA JELLHO IF YOU AIN"T BE KNOWING THE FLAVA!
9. War in Iraq: har de har har..I laugh in the general direction of the middle east..
10. Abortion: Sure..but it would be good for people to learn good birth control methods also..you know...like breast feeding(there is a pamphlet that says that is a mean of birth control on the board next to me..
11. Jay-Z's Retirement: My homeboy has enough money for all the bitchez and HOEZ.
12. Gay Marriage? YAY! Word up to my bi-sexual home doggs.
13. Please Promote this Community, either in another community or your LJ. SHOW THE LINK:I'm working on it..I am on a mac..it's a wee bit difficult!here we go:http://www.livejournal.com/community/boarding_school/

Crazy HELLA gangsta, with my combat boots, I'm a stuhraight rida.

damn Homie, is you foh reaL?

It's that gangsta lovin...that just got me bugggin.

I'm running from the cops homes

I just saw 2pac back from the dead..