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Yoshiki and Taiji, living together

She came into the apartment and slammed the door, not that anyone was here to hear her, since she saw Taiji fucking that skinny bitch with the fake tits. She could have fake tits. Anyone could! What was so great about them?

Of course, that just made her think how horrible and disgusting her non-fake-tit'd chest looked and how her body was totally wrong for Taiji...

She went into their bedroom, and got out a knife she kept mostly for show and she ripped open their bed, tearing the sheets to ribbons and pulling out the stuffing on the futon mattress. And then she threw all of Taiji's cigarettes out the window, and then she dumped all the liquor down the sink, until she realized that she liked it, too. She sucked down half a bottle of vodka, threw up, and then dumped the rest down the sink.

Then she went to the bathroom to cry and soak in hot water.

She thought about cutting up her ugly, disgusting, not-good-enough-for-Taiji body, but that meant getting her blade back from out of the bed, and that was not in the tub, so.
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Yoshiki and Taiji

It had been a particularly bad day. Well, for one thing, it was his father's birthday. He wanted to go visit the grave, but that was a stupid reason to leave Tokyo during recording. It was a tough day, though, and everything kept going wrong. In fact, he threw a fit after the tech screwed up the mix the third time in a row, and then he'd started to cry... and the manager told him, Try to be a bit more manly!

He stormed out just then. He couldn't take it. He drove recklessly around. And then. He went shopping. He bought jewelry first. Things for his hair. And then.

He went to the corsetiere. He bought several undergarments, and a boa, and some hosiery. And then he went to the salon, and he had a full Brazilian wax. When it was done, Yoshiki got all dressed up in some of the things she bought... She felt so much better, even if she felt completely like a freak. She bound her cock and stuffed the bra... She kept running her hands down her body.

If only... she'd been born like this...

She went home, and Taiji was there. She ducked her chin down. Well... Taiji... had seen her in lots of weird clothes. So. "Hey. Did everyone get really mad at me?" she asked quietly.
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Yoshiki and Taiji

He hung up on Toshi. He didn't think this was a mistake, even if Taiji was young and all. He was hot, for one. And he was passionate about music, and he had good sense of fashion. What else did Yoshiki need?

Granted, his place wasn't huge...

He just didn't have time to talk to Toshi, anyway! He was busy clearing away space. It was... impulsive of him to offer Taiji a place to live, but then, Taiji couldn't keep living with his parents, anyway! He was a musician, for fuck's sake!

It was unseemly!

Yoshiki didn't make much progress, though, in making space. He had room for Taiji in the bathroom, but... the second bedroom was full of his drum kit, and his keyboard. There was room for Taiji's basses, of course, but. That meant Taiji needed to share a bedroom... or sleep in the living room, which was pretty small.

Yoshiki couldn't wait to be rich.

The bell rang. Yoshiki quickly went to buzz Taiji in, using the comm. "Need any help?"
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Yoshiki and Taiji

He had pushed the time up on the studio three hours, because there was just so much work to do. But then things came up! He couldn't help that, it was just life. He couldn't go out with his hair weirdly squished on one side, so he needed his hairdresser to come to his apartment and fix it, and that took longer than it should have, and his hair was still pretty messy when the guy was, well, done with him. He had change around some interview appointments. Couldn't talk about the new album when it was so... incomplete!

So he was nearly four hours late when he finally got to the studio, because way more than that was going on, anyway. He felt really guilty, but these guys didn't even comprehend half of what he was doing!

He flung the door open and was ready to apologize, but... only Taiji was there. Only. His jaw dropped.


What was Taiji even doing here if no one else was here?! Fuming, he looked around. It was just.

"Hide's not here?" he pouted. At least Hide could be here for him!