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Yoshiki and Taiji

He had pushed the time up on the studio three hours, because there was just so much work to do. But then things came up! He couldn't help that, it was just life. He couldn't go out with his hair weirdly squished on one side, so he needed his hairdresser to come to his apartment and fix it, and that took longer than it should have, and his hair was still pretty messy when the guy was, well, done with him. He had change around some interview appointments. Couldn't talk about the new album when it was so... incomplete!

So he was nearly four hours late when he finally got to the studio, because way more than that was going on, anyway. He felt really guilty, but these guys didn't even comprehend half of what he was doing!

He flung the door open and was ready to apologize, but... only Taiji was there. Only. His jaw dropped.


What was Taiji even doing here if no one else was here?! Fuming, he looked around. It was just.

"Hide's not here?" he pouted. At least Hide could be here for him!