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Yoshiki and Taiji

He hung up on Toshi. He didn't think this was a mistake, even if Taiji was young and all. He was hot, for one. And he was passionate about music, and he had good sense of fashion. What else did Yoshiki need?

Granted, his place wasn't huge...

He just didn't have time to talk to Toshi, anyway! He was busy clearing away space. It was... impulsive of him to offer Taiji a place to live, but then, Taiji couldn't keep living with his parents, anyway! He was a musician, for fuck's sake!

It was unseemly!

Yoshiki didn't make much progress, though, in making space. He had room for Taiji in the bathroom, but... the second bedroom was full of his drum kit, and his keyboard. There was room for Taiji's basses, of course, but. That meant Taiji needed to share a bedroom... or sleep in the living room, which was pretty small.

Yoshiki couldn't wait to be rich.

The bell rang. Yoshiki quickly went to buzz Taiji in, using the comm. "Need any help?"