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Hisoka and Illumi (age 19 and 15)

Illumi spent nearly fifteen and a half years as the heir of the Zoldyck family. It was only upon the morning of Killua's forth birthday that the roles of the family suddenly shifted and Illumi was told that his beloved baby brother would be taking his place on the figurative family throne. Being Zoldyck family heir was not a job Illumi had taken lightly. Many aspects of his life revolved around the fact that he one day would be in his father's place, and every aspect of him revolved around his family.

It wasn't completely unexpected, the change of inheritance, though. He knew the Zoldyck rules and traditions. They had taught him at a very young age that the strongest child would become heir to the family and up until that point, it had been Illumi. That wasn't to say that Killua at four years old was stronger than Illumi at more than fifteen years, but the potential Killua showed was obviously... brighter... than Illumi's own.

His face was a mask. It was his mother who delivered the news to him. To the entire family. Every one of his brothers, his father, his grandfather, all sat around the table as the important change was announced. His mother, his sweet and strong mother. Illumi had always been so soft for her, after all, she had thought it would be better for her to be the one to deliver the news.

He felt many eyes glance to him from around the table. His blank eyes remained forward. Illumi thought the planning was unnecessary. This was fine after all. Everything was fine. He loved baby Killua after all. Adored him. Illumi loved all his brothers. He would die and kill for his brothers. He would do anything. Anything to make sure the family remained strong. Anything.

Killua was not stronger than Illumi. Not yet. Not stronger than his older brother. Illumi would have to make sure to protect and defend and teach Killua. After all, Illumi had held the position for so many years, it was obvious now that his expertise must help shape Killua's mind in the correct direction. He was the only one for the job.

The whole thing was a blurry, muddled thing. It reminded him of when he had to train underwater. Keep his head above the waves. Fight a current. Illumi had time to hold Killua's face in his hands and tell him how proud he was of him, how much responsibility he now had, how he would make sure to never lead him astray-- before he was out the door of the estate. He had a sudden itching to leave the manor. It was fine. Everything was fine. He needed to get back to work.

Text sent, 8:27am to recipient 0047939bq4: I require your current place of residency.

Illumi knew he wouldn't be long. Hisoka always texted him back almost immediately.
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