September 27th, 2016

hisoka fight

Hisoka Morow & Illumi Zoldyck (22 & 18)

He'd been expecting Illumi, because he'd received a text from him four days prior. Illumi rarely contacted him if he didn't have plans to drop in on him. He rarely gave such advance notice, though. Hisoka didn't mind waiting; he had few other plans. He had recently begun renting an apartment in a city he'd never been to before, just because he had ended up there and it seemed as good a place as any to take up residence for a while.

To be honest, he was beginning to think that Illumi wasn't going to pay him a visit after all. But within an hour after having that thought, he felt a surge of quite the familiar blackened, powerful aura and it thrilled him. Hisoka had been preparing a meal, but he walked away from it as soon as he felt the expanse of power erupt. Illumi couldn't be too far away.

He left the house, not bothering to lock up up or put on a shirt. He was far too distracted, following Illumi's aura. He expanded his aura to locate him properly, but Enwasn't a skill Hisoka had bothered honing too thoroughly; he was strong enough to deal with anything nearby at all times, he assumed.

But when he found Illumi, he wondered if maybe that was wrong; it seemed that Illumi had been injured somehow...? Hisoka felt a strange feeling that he belatedly recognised as concern, and he knelt down by Illumi's side, assessing the damage. Illumi was certainly alive still. Hisoka's own aura erupted around him, on full alert.

"Is there still danger?"