August 23rd, 2016

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Hisoka Morow & Illumi Zoldyck (ages 15 & 11)

Hisoka perched on the billboard's ledge, thinking of nothing but the way the wind was pushing his hair about as he looked down on the city below him. There were lights all around him, but nobody would ever look up high enough to see him there. It was rather freeing.

Eyes closed, he slouched back against the peeling paper of some advertisement featuring a woman's breast. Perhaps he was obscuring some pervert's view. Though, everyone in this city was a pervert of some nature... Hisoka himself couldn't say he was exempt from that. He shuffled through his cards, gathering his aura up to make them into a sticky chain, just playing with them. The wind felt nice. Perhaps he would spend the whole night up here. He wasn't likely to fall, though he wasn't too worried if he actually did.

Hisoka amused himself for a moment deciding whether such an ending would be more pathetic or more boring.

It was never quiet in Gas Land, but the noise hardly reached him from so far below, and he slipped into something close to sleep, his head empty and blank. After what may have been 30 minutes or perhaps 3 hours, Hisoka's eyes opened with a start. The sky was unchanged, but he sensed that the morning would come sooner rather than later. But that wasn't what woke him.

He felt something.

Using his aura to keep his feet stuck to his perch, Hisoka bent down over the edge, looking through his fingers as if they were a telescope. There was someone down below, a boy. Short. Hisoka could feel the strength of his aura from all the way up here.

Intrigued. Where would the boy go? Hisoka slipped down to a rooftop and concealed his aura to follow.