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sad times

I have been playing swg about a week after launch.I have seen all the patches, upgrades cheats,expansions.
I have been through it all,I must say since lucas arts decided to not pay attention,and let Sony take over
game format it has gone not downhill but its hit the end.They should have paid attention when sony took over the matrix game and ruined that,from the things I have heard are they are trying to target a new market ppl out of my age group (whom actaully know how to role play)it makes since though since the game has been dumb down to the ninth degree. I just saw a commerical on nicaloden to buy swg starter set. I think this is the end of my run on the game as I have stated my server was known as the hardest hardcore rp server. I have seen hole
player cities jump disappear everyone left literally almost in one day. now I see main ports like theed, cor, as complete ghost starports. it saddens me. the latest thing I have been told is lucas arts finally got word and are pissed,they have told sony you have till I believe Feb to fix the game or we pull our name i.e. no more swg. but then I have been told they might go back to the very very basic's as when the game first came out. so now I am insearch of a new mmorpg. I heard c.o.h. gets boring really quick. not sure I like the graphics on w.o.w. questing is great but no rp not good rp ie player cities etc. I have seen dungeons and dragons is comming out with one,and then there is a game that is called darkandlight which is suppose to have lots of player city and interaction. so if anyone can help me out. I sit home playing my xbx kotor b/c its the only sw game right now that is worth something. thankfully I still have the novels to read.
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Hello, new here...

Hey, just wanted to say hello and to ask if anyone might be aware of a COMPLETE listing of starship texture pics. Can find a few here or there, but most of them are only a ship or two. Also need a little help and advice on mining asteroid materials.

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This issue offers to our readers a lot of different information about “Star Wars” of George Lucas: Nadejda Markalova has written the article about the shooting of the first trilogy and the feverish activity of fans. Natalya Markelova has prepared some articles about the School of Saberfighting and about the Light Saber. Oleg Shevchenko has selected from internet some very interesting stories about the shooting of the second trilogy.
The column “The Mirrors” is devoted to the conventions of “Roscon 2005” and “Interpresscon 2005”, Sergey Maslyackov has written about the literary contest “The Predatory Things” – it has been held by the editorial staff in February and March of this year.
The section “Reflections” contains some critical and review articles by Yury Astrov, Alexey Kalugin and Larissa Voroshilova.
We would like to introduce you with our guests from the Volgograd club of anime “Hinata Inn”.
This issue contains the questionnaire for our readers, we would be very obliged to you to get it back with your answers.

Good Science Fiction to you all!

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Дорогие читатели!

В значительной мере этот номер посвящен эпопее Джорджа Лукаса «Звездные войны», последний фильм которой вышел на экраны в мае. Признаюсь, что когда я не вижу этот фильм, то не совсем понимаю ажиотаж вокруг него, но стоит оказаться перед экраном, и действо завораживает. Огромные пространства зданий, сияющие чистотой (ясно, что убирают дроиды, но хоть одного показали бы за работой!), космос бесконечный, но обжитой (неужели в таких крохотных корабликах хватает горючего пересекать галактику?), страшно неудобные, почти всегда развевающиеся плащи (но без них «картинка» теряет выразительность). Короче, дикая смесь фэнтези и «твердой фантастики» – звездолеты и заклятья, ремонт двигателей и пресловутая «сила», клоны и джедаи. Чего больше в славе этого фильма: безумной рекламы, влюбленности режиссера и всех участников съемочной группы в свой фильм, очарования примитивом или в сюжете и самой картине есть что-то от вечных мистерий?.. Не решаюсь на окончательное суждение, но естественно, мы не могли пройти мимо этого события, потому что как бы ни относится к этому произведению – считать его великой сагой или самым большим обманов в истории кинематографа, но роль этого фильма в кинофантастике огромна.
Теперь от эпопеи к нашим делам.

End of the road....

Just checked out Test Center a little while ago, got bugged trying to get up the ramp of the Falcon, took Tiggs advice and logged only to find out that I couldn't get back in. The 20 minutes I played pretty much decided it for me, though. Account's been cancelled, it's up by Nov 17th, and I'm requesting that my friends shoot me if they ever hear I plan on dealing with SOE or LA ever again. If any of you folks are on Naritus, I'll be in Lok n Load giving away stuff. IGN Karris Dalwai
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do we all end up no playingt any more thanks to soe

well we have bitched and bitched. that we wanted s.o.e to be more involved
we now have our wish. from what I first heard. was ppl complaing about swg
and then I heard soe was loosing money on EQ2 ppl just stopped playing it. they were so annoied
so back to swg. ppl pitched a fit b/c of so many exploits etc.
so we then get a upgrade. a totally new revamped C.U. I still hear ppl complain
from speaking to ppl. I have been told S.O.E. needed more money and followers.
so they went to a loyal fan base. SWG. gave us the NEW CU. which from what I was told as basically
turned the game into EQ2. and after still playing and me grinding out my jedi. the rumors start
yet again. and again. I mean all day yesterday and wed night ppl weren't grinding. we were
all at the forums reading. yes S.O.E. is changing and giving us a brand new totally gutted
revamped game. not just a combat upgrade but fully changed 31 profs condenesd now to I believe 9
I spoke to a couple of ppl. it sounds like they are making it alot like W.O.W (world of warcraft)
its good that the game will have more quest. more indivudal things to do. they want to make it feel
more like star wars. I kinda agree. but they are taking out order 66 which pisses me off. as you know from
another post I did. I get hunted by MASTER BOUNTY HUNTERS.which I don't like but if you follow the rules
you should not get hunted. so in the timeline where does that leave us. MBH'S will not be able to
get pvp missions from terms anymore.So in 3 weeks this will go live.
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