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Junk Loot List

hey SWG folks... if you don't know about the new ground RE system coming out with chapter 5, go check out the forums at SOE/SWG.

now... /rant on

if you do, then you'll know what i'm talking about. some punk (and if you happen to be here, then listen up because i can't post on the SWG forums from work) anyway, some punk posts a thread that he wants help getting together a list of all the RE'able junk loot, and where/who you can loot it from. the part that pisses me off is this: he's only going to share the list with his guildm8s, friends, and people that help him with the list. yes, it's his choice to share it with whomever he wants to, but his reasoning behind it is because it's such a hard job compiling the list blah blah. well i'm sorry but how many people have contributed guides and such on that forum that are just as difficult if not more so than getting together a list of where you can find the junk loot to RE. and he actually had the balls to ask that no one else post a list if they put one together! a few people have posted that he is being rude and selfish and he basically said it's his decision to make regarding what he post and who he shares info with. and i totally agree with him. but he can take a flyin leap off the tallest bridge if he thinks i'm not gonna post a list of my own for EVERYONE to use lol... 

ok... /rant done. 

here's the bottom line. if you wanna help me get a list together for all of SWG to use then please let me know, either here or you can PM me on the SWG forums at Texxyboi (i'd prefer a PM). regardless if you help or not, if you wanna know where you can get a particular piece of junk loot to RE, soon you'll be able to check out the SWG forums for a list. :)

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