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Jenn of the Wired ★★☆☆☆

Old Ahazi Guild looking for new members :)

Greetings all! As the active guild that I used to be a member of has diminished (most members quit the game or just went MIA) myself and a few others remain. We are trying to recruit, but it is a hard thing as most players are already in guilds -- and small inactive ones have a hard time getting their feet off of the ground!

Funkytown (Funky for short - server: Ahazi) used to be a large and active entertainers guild. As we want to keep our traditions strong, we are also looking for other professions. We are neutral, so all factions and species are welcome!

Hopefully this is allowed here, if not, I apologize and feel free to dismiss.

Funky is now recruiting new, active members to join. We are a neutral guild, so all factions, levels, and professions are welcome. We are located on beautiful Talus - Southern Flats, just 3k from the Dearic Starport. If you're interested in fun, weekly/bi-weekly events, then Funky is the guild for you!

Along with membership, you will receive a FREE small house to place within our city limits. TAX FREE!

If you're interested, feel free to /tell and/or email Tayvon (Guildleader), Seyara (Co Guildleader), Krentek (City Mayor) or Amikko (recruiter) for more info!

Funky looks forward to having you as a member!

Even if you are with a guild already, please spread the word! We are trying our best to notify the SWG Forums, players in game as well, but sadly, we are not having much luck! :( Thanks!!

-Tayvon Alura/Eosiris (Ahazi)

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