January 5th, 2006

  • enowa

the dumpy sod all crap called NGE

so I am the idiot that is going to play probably till feb. to find out if/what Soe and La are going to do to fix this bag of hagus called a game. I just created another toon b/c all my friends are telling me the game now has quest quest quest quest. yes for low levl based ppl. I wanted more quest back in the day. so now I am doing them. it doesn't seem very intresting, you have to run around like someone little bitch doing stupid shit just to lvl. instead of letting you run around free form to learn the game. yes folks I had to take some npc's money to the bank. so I could learn how the bank operates. rubbish to that.oh and b/c of the loop exploit kash quest with the double xp, I am now a cl90 jedi. what does that give me a hole lot of nothing B.F.D.oh and new patch comes through I get force cloak back.. which is stupid my alt is a spy who can use smoke screens to run away from enemies. (but if there are too many ppl around it doesn't work wtf) okay I am done ranting. hopefully Empire At War will be to my likling.
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