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A different kind of Star Wars AU fanfiction

I apologize if this is seen as spam.  I did look at other journal entries here to see whether or not anyone else has recruited, and I did see that someone did make a post in which they said they needed characters for a story....so I am doing the same thing.  If I'm not supposed to, then I'm sorry.  Let me know, and I won't do it again.

At was writing a Star Wars AU fanfiction several years ago on other sites.  In this fanfiction, I had various Star Wars characters write to other characters -- explaining to other characters what is going on in the story.  The result of this is that a fanfiction is written from the perspectives of the characters, while they interact with each other.   The story begins before The Phantom Menace and will go all the way up through Return of the Jedi.  Right now, the story is almost at the end of The Phantom Menace.  That is where I had to stop because of time contraints from school and other things.  However, I decided to start it up again.   I need characters.  These Notes will be posted in their own community, and also on a proboards forum.  

For those who participate, you get to pretend to be a character and have influence on other characters, as well as the overall story.  There are boundaries, though.

The reason that this fan fiction will be classified as AU is because, while generally following the story line of the movies, there are certain points that will be different.  Also, there are additional characters and events.  There are also questions that are answered in this fanfiction that are not covered in the movie.   (Like how and why did Dooku become a Sith, what was Palpatine doing behind the scenes that caused everything to happen the way that it did, what would happen if Anakin was really able to free his mother, just how deep was the love between Anakin and Padme and how did it develop, etc.) 

This fan fiction will take you through the events of the movies, and you will get to see these events through various different characters' eyes.  

I will not post the fanficiton to this group unless the group owner specifically wants me to. 

If interested in participating, please either reply to this or send me a private message.  (A private message would probably be better.  That way I see it for sure). 


Logan 6wk

Velyandeer Lagir

Not sure how many knew him on the Kett server.

Wednesday, July 25th, 11:30pm, the player of Velyandeer passed away.

That's all the information I have right now. Just keep his family and Jarva in your prayers as they go through this...
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lightsaber poster


anyone see the chapter six post on the SWG forums today? that's right... a form of CH is coming back as "beastmaster". i only got to read it once since i'm at work and we're pretty busy. it's my lunch hour now and i can't get to the sight... i'm assuming it's swamped and got over loaded lol. at least i hope that's what it is and not that my job has actually blocked the forums. anyway, the one time i read it, it looks promising. i didn't play pre-cu at all, but i've always liked the idea of CH.


x-posted in other SWG communities.
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Junk Loot List

hey SWG folks... if you don't know about the new ground RE system coming out with chapter 5, go check out the forums at SOE/SWG.

now... /rant on

if you do, then you'll know what i'm talking about. some punk (and if you happen to be here, then listen up because i can't post on the SWG forums from work) anyway, some punk posts a thread that he wants help getting together a list of all the RE'able junk loot, and where/who you can loot it from. the part that pisses me off is this: he's only going to share the list with his guildm8s, friends, and people that help him with the list. yes, it's his choice to share it with whomever he wants to, but his reasoning behind it is because it's such a hard job compiling the list blah blah. well i'm sorry but how many people have contributed guides and such on that forum that are just as difficult if not more so than getting together a list of where you can find the junk loot to RE. and he actually had the balls to ask that no one else post a list if they put one together! a few people have posted that he is being rude and selfish and he basically said it's his decision to make regarding what he post and who he shares info with. and i totally agree with him. but he can take a flyin leap off the tallest bridge if he thinks i'm not gonna post a list of my own for EVERYONE to use lol... 

ok... /rant done. 

here's the bottom line. if you wanna help me get a list together for all of SWG to use then please let me know, either here or you can PM me on the SWG forums at Texxyboi (i'd prefer a PM). regardless if you help or not, if you wanna know where you can get a particular piece of junk loot to RE, soon you'll be able to check out the SWG forums for a list. :)
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Hair: Puffs

Old Ahazi Guild looking for new members :)

Greetings all! As the active guild that I used to be a member of has diminished (most members quit the game or just went MIA) myself and a few others remain. We are trying to recruit, but it is a hard thing as most players are already in guilds -- and small inactive ones have a hard time getting their feet off of the ground!

Funkytown (Funky for short - server: Ahazi) used to be a large and active entertainers guild. As we want to keep our traditions strong, we are also looking for other professions. We are neutral, so all factions and species are welcome!

Hopefully this is allowed here, if not, I apologize and feel free to dismiss.

More information!Collapse )

Even if you are with a guild already, please spread the word! We are trying our best to notify the SWG Forums, players in game as well, but sadly, we are not having much luck! :( Thanks!!

-Tayvon Alura/Eosiris (Ahazi)

New RP

Hey All, thought I'd stop in and do some advertising for a new AU Starwars RP just opening up.

Emerge of the Empire – An AU Fourth Movie RP

We've all seen the third installment of the prequel trilogy, but what happens when you allow Anakin's decent into darkness to take perhaps a little longer than it did in the film. What happens if he doesn't get his ass handed to him on a platter by Obi-Wan Kenobi and remains with limbs (except for the arm that Count Dooku severed) and brooding good looks intact?

We're here to take it in something of a different direction, to explore other alternatives for our tragic hero. The game starts roughly the same time A New Hope takes place. After that fateful night where Anakin Skywalker died and Darth Vader was born, where Obi-Wan and Anakin fought on Mustafar, and where Anakin should get his ass handed to him courtesy of Obi-Wan, they instead end up in a stalemate. Anakin ends up fleeing the planet, unsure whether or not Padme is alive and leaves Obi-Wan to help Padme deliver the twins early. Padme survives the delivery and after a few days makes a full recovery. Now stuck between stopping Anakin and raising both Luke and Leia on her own, Padme has to make some decisions that could turn the war.

Padme keeps her children with her, hoping to build up enough resistance to stop Vader before he gets to out of hand. Together the three remaining Skywalkers fight against the Dark Lord Vader praying to the force that they can stop the evil consuming him and the galaxy before its too late.

NOTE: At the start of this RPG, Luke and Lea are the same age they are in A New Hope.

NEEDED CHARACTERS: Anakin, Obi-Wan, the Twins and Palpatine


hey hey ppls
what server are u guys on?
wanderhome (eh)
for me..
i might made a new person.. i want to know where a uber fun server is.. wanderhome never has fun things going on :(
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(no subject)

Hello all - I'm new to the community, and to the game. Been playing World of Warcraft since launch, and decided it was time to quit.
Just wondering - Is there an easy way to transport to a major city? Currently, I'm incredibly lost - wandering aimlessly in Tatooine. lol - Please help, Thanks!