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Name: Haley Joy
Age: 16
Location: Biloxi, Mississippi
How'd you hear about </a></font></b></a>_g_r_i_t_s_? I looked up Southern on the communities search =))
Hobbies: I love to read, swim, go to the beach, update my El-Jay, drink sweet tea, shop and have a good time!
I need a favor from y'all! Okay, so I go to boarding school in the North and I have to do an art project where I create photos of things that represent letters in the alphabet. I am planning on doing a southern alphabet! I was wondering if everyone can put something southern that represents each letter so here's my first few letters that I have. I hope y'all help, I certainly need it! Oh and thanks too!

A- Alligators
B- Beaches
C- Crunk
D- Debutante
E- ?
F- Football
G- Get're Dun
H- Hospitality
J-John Deere...?
K-Kentucky Derby...?
L,M,N, etc...

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