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Do you plan to be a part of the WWE one day? Is it your dream, your ultimate goal in life? If so, join this community. This is a rating community whre all of us planning to work for the WWE can talk, support, and encourage each other to follow their dreams. We also keep up with the current events and whats happening in the WWE today. If you are a die hard fan, and a future wwe superstar (or diva)..what are you waiting for? Apply today!

1. If your application isn't up to protocall, you will be rejected.
2. You must put your application under a lj cut. If you do not know how...read the LJ FAQ
3. Make app. friends only
4. Post your application 48 hours after joining or you WILL be rejected.
5. Do not post a comment in response to people's votes. That is really annoying. Just wait and find out if you will be rejected or accepted.
6. Members-No "Sway me" votes. Use the "+, -" system if u cant decide
7. In the subject line of your application please put "Am I tough enough?"
8. This community will be active so if you are not going to be active dont join
9. If you get offended easy, do not apply..This is a rating community.
10. 5 votes equals a yes, and the same for a no
11. Respect other members
12. Do not change or skip any part of the application.
13. We love Spoilers/Pics/Icons, but they must be put under a cut
14. Please do not tYpE lYkE dIs..just dont.
15. Have fun!!


~*~*~Tell us a little bit about yourself..~*~*~
*Hair Color:
*Eye Color:

*Who is your favorite male superstar and why?
*Who is your favorite diva and why?
*Who is your favorite tag team and why?
*What is your favorite finisher?
*What is your favorite entrance theme?
*Who is your favorite McMahon? (We all have one!)
*What is your all time favorite match?
*Who is your favorite Ring announcer?
*Who is your favorite broadcaster?
*What is your favorite WWE Show?

~*~*~Other Stuff*~*~
*Why do you want to join WWE?
*Have you ever met a WWE superstar?
*If yes..who?
*How many live events have you been to? (If any)
*Why do you love the WWE?
*If you could spend a day with any WWE Superstar who would it be and why?
*Tell us one interesting fact about you.
*What would you bring to this community?
*Any comments about the community/members?
*Promote us to 2 places and give us links
*Post atleast One picture of yourself.

**This community is moderated and maintained by britt5678 and mynameisrizzo

To contact any of the Mods:
Chrissy-mynameisrizzo -Pagirl2004june@aol.com


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