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Kegluneq vs. C.C.A. 1 Night Only! (7/9/06)

Key gang, here's the results of a match i had up in PA a couple of months ago. Please forgive the grammatical errors and how the text reads, the idiot who wrote this did a piss poor job at it. Anyways, enjoy!

A brief interview with Kegluneq commenced. Kegluneq stated that he wasn't surprised
that Armand didn't accept the challenge for the match. He said that this action
just solidified what Kegluneq knew about Armand. "He calls himself a warrior and
a fighter, he says he has no problem going toe to toe with anyone, but when it comes
to backing those words up, he takes the easy way and runs. Just like the coward
he is. But rest assured that your little protégé, C.C.A. will serve as a worthy
replacement." "Let this be a warning to you Armand." "You screw
with me, you pay a heavy price, and tonight, C.C.A. will take your place and do
what it is that you should be doing. And that is paying the price in full!'

Match: Kegluneq vs. C.C.A

The music of C.C.A hits as C.C.A comes down to the ring looking very nervous yet
determined. The lights go out as Kegluneq slowly makes his way to the ring. C.C.A
and Kegluneq start the match with a chilling staredown. Kegluneq offers his hand
in handshake fashion, which C.C.A accepts which leads to a sneaky right hand by
Kegluneq. C.C.A quickly recovers with a barrage of rights and lefts and sends Kegluneq
into the corner, but ends up eating a boot to the head for his troubles. Kegluneq
takes control of C.C.A's arm and goes to nail C.C.A with Old School, but C.C.A
grabs Kegluneq's leg, causing Kegluneq to drop groin first on the top rope.
C.C.A quickly delivers a vicious DDT, but only gets a 2 count. C.C.A quickly decides
to go for broke and latches on his version of an STF. Kegluneq is trapped, and appears
to be close to tapping out, but somehow manages to grab hold of the bottom rope,
causing the hold to be broken. Both men somehow get back to a vertical base, and
seeing Kegluneq weakened, goes for a spear, but Kegluneq catches him with the Hand
Of Fate. Kegluneq goes for the cover, yet C.C.A kicks out at 2. Kegluneq argues
with the ref about the count, and C.C.A recovers enough to land a low blow, and
decides to go for his finisher The Final Touch, but Kegluneq counters and nails
C.C.A. with the Flatliner , and covers C.C.A for the 1-2-3!

Winner: Kegluneq at 3:12 by pinfall

Post Match

Afterwards, the lights dim, and the eerie sound of Asian music starts. Kegluneq
notices the spectral image of a young girl near the entrance to the ring. Kegluneq
goes to confront the strange girl, but before he can, the girl raises her hands
and summons a bolt of lightning that hits the entranceway and creates a wall of
fire. As Kegluneq and the girl share a staredown, Armand Xavier comes out of the crowd and delivers a crushing Burning Hammer, and walks off laughing with the mysterious girl, leaving Kegluneq motionless as the event comes to a close.

My Recent Tag Match

I would upload it somewhere for you guys to download with better quality, but I don't have the file itself.

I'm the guy with the long black hair and black shiney shorts.

Let me know what you guys think. I'm still in my rookie year.
Oh and I have a profile on
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Thomas Idol vs. Hardcore Joe Binski!!!!

The following PICS are of my match last night against Hardcore Joe Binski(I WIN!!!). There was a pretty damn good crowd turn out but they were all seated on 2 sides of the ring(due to lack of guard rails). It was my first indoor show and the show itself was big success! I apologize for the poor quality of pics.
The match was so much fun. The whole show was a lot of fun. It was great to actually have a locker room! My match went very well, there's always room for improvement, but considering that I'm not even close to being fully trained, I did very well. I displayed a lot of intensity and got involved with the crowd as I was playing the bad guy/rulebreaker/heel.

This show really put this lifestyle over with me, I love it and I want SO MUCH more of it. I can't wait.
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My first singles match...

This is from several months ago...

It's a pretty decent match considering I wasn't fully trained. The psychology of it kind of stinks, but my opponent, Wasted Youth cut it much shorter when he called for one of the last spots. Also I messed a tombstone up a bit by not properly holding onto him, but he made it worse as he freaked out (he has trust issues) and looked up(or down) at the mat instead of keeping his head or chin tucked in. Wound up getting a stiff neck from it. Thank god no serious injury resulted.

Also I look kindof backyarder like as I hadn't yet received my $600 worth of ring gear.

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i feel its my duty to inform anyone here who doesnt know, that has a link to fill out a tryout form and will let you know if any are coming to your town, i'd do it but im only 17 and trained myself, but i know some of u are training now

help please

me and some of my friends started a backyard wrestling thing more than a year ago, we have ppl that are interested but lack the motivation, ive tried everything to whip them into shape but have failed, can any of you give me some ideas on how to get them more involved?

So Sorry!

A Million apologies to everyone in the group! I know I've been a sucky Mod as of late! But I've been wrestling again and after getting you're ass kicked enough times, you tend to forget things, I'm super sorry! Hopefully the two of us(Mods) could sit down and come up with some awesome stuff to get everyone moving again!

Lots of love and Forarms!
Chrissy :o)
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3XW Tribute

sunday, me and the rest of 3XWrestling would like to put together a tribute event for the late great Eddie Guerrero who passed away this past sunday.

the cause of death is still unknown.

Eddie was the first latino and luchadore to win a professional wrestling world championship (WWE Championship)
He defeated a drug addiction

Eddie was one of the most influencial superstars when it comes to the teaching of the 3XW competitors, and the most influencial in my career

let me know if u want to come watch or if u want to compete

there will be a 10 bell salute at the beginning of the event.

Eddie Guerrero 1967 - 2005