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Interested in shopping, clothing, thrifting, or fashion? You have come to the right place. Furore allows live journal users to post their most recent finds or buys. Score a boho style peasant skirt you can't wait to show off? No problem! Flaunt that skirt to the ever-growing community. Looking for the perfect pair of sandals for this summer? Ask away! Fellow users always know the right place to look.

Of course, this community Furore doesn't stop there. You have come to the right place for fashion related icons, too! Post those MKA, Gemma Ward, Mischa Barton (or others') as much as you would like.

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Furore is a simple meaning. It means both of the following:

> a fashion adopted enthusiastically by the public: a fad
> a state of intense excitment or extasy

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As a member, you must follow the following rules. I will revise your posts or comments if you choose not to follow. I will even delete your posts if it becomes persistent. If you do not choose to follow the rules, I will discontinue your involvement in the community.

> resize images as best as possible - large images sometimes load too fast!
> use the "under the cut rule" if posting images
> when posting icons, "teasers" are allowed. however, keep the number of teasers limited, and then use "under the cut"
> advertising is allowed. however, i will begin to delete if: advertising becomes persistent from a certain community, broken links, dated or inactive communties, has nothing to do with the Furore theme.
> refrain from harsh comments - you will be kicked out!
> do your best to promote this community, though you do not have to
> join and be active!
> ultimately, have fun!

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I am flattered that you want to promoted Furore! However, currently this community does not have buttons avaliable! This shouldnt stop you from spreading the word - use our link!!