Furious Angels

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"'Cause love like a knife in the back's coming down, and I'm bleeding..."

This is a community dedicated to the four young men that control the course of destiny- Shirou Kamui, Monou Fuuma, Sumeragi Subaru, and Sakurazuka Seishirou- from the manga Tokyo Babylon and X by CLAMP. The name of the site and the above lyrics are from the 'Furious Angels' by Rob Dougan.

There are many other X communities out there. This one is for a certain view of the story, a certain appreciation, that recognizes the two main characters of Tokyo Babylon and the two main characters of its sequel as paramount in importance, peerless in the dramatic tragedy of their stories, and unrivaled in the intriguing nature of their relationships that has drawn so many people into this fandom. I know of very few other epics that have drawn nearly all of the following so strongly to the fates of a handful of the characters. Furthermore, the emphasis of this site is on the relationships between the lovers, the two onmyouji and the two Kamui, although all four are tied together in many ways, and nothing that involves any of these men is to be left out of discussion. Just remember- this is a place for canon. Anything that is drawn from the manga is relevant, something drawn purely from the fandom is not.

This is a place for the story of ill-fated lovers, of the dearest of friends ripped apart by cruel destiny. Of dark and ancient magics, fed for millenia on the blood of mankind. Of the Promised Day in the ruins of the largest city on Earth, the ring of swords clashing admist the ashes of millions of lives. Of blood-soaked killers with smiles so terrifyingly sweet- of love tainted by guilt. Of promises made and broken. Of inevitable tragedy. Of the last words whispered between dying lovers. Of angels, as they willingly follow the paths to their own destruction.


1)Stay on topic. The topic is broad enough- anything, be it fanfic, fanart, RPs, or (and especially) discussion, in the context given above is welcome. There are plenty of other communities for OOC and the other characters. This is for the Main Four as they are written. _notalone is an excellent place for IC S/K, as well.

2)Members of the community should have a good grasp of both Tokyo Babylon and X. No one in this community should ever have to say 'Uh... that's wrong, you should read the manga/the prequel to get some idea of what you're talking about'. Both are in the process of being released in english, and excellent translations of the Japanese version abound. These are the manga version of both, not the OAVs or the anime.

3)Debate is perfectly fine, and so long as both sides of an argument are bringing up valid and constructive points, I won't step in or delete threads. If it should degrade to mindless insults, flamewars, or trolling, then I'll ask both parties to stop. And to go over to rabid_sxkers, a community designed for the heated arguments of the fandom. I will only ban members in the most extreme of circumstances, such as uploading locked posts to public forums, hacking into other users accounts, etc.

4)Put lengthy posts behind cuts. Don't worry about spoilers- a new issue of X hasn't been out in over a year now. No one should be spoiled by anything you have to say.

This community is moderated by ariseishirou - the Seishirou of Yuuzai and the author of Anarchy. I might add more mods if the community grows large enough, however.