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72 multi-fandom icons

05 Blood Ties: 4 Henry, 1 Vicki/Henry
16 BtvS/Angel: 1 Angel, 1 Buffy/Angel, 5 Faith/Buffy, 8 Cordy/Angel, 1 Illyria, 1 Spike
15 celebs: 5 Eliza Dushku, 2 Michelle Trachtenberg, 1 Angelina Jolie, 1 Grace Park, 5 Paget Brewster
21 SPN: 1 Bobby, 1 Castiel, 1 Dean, 1 Ellen, 1 Gwen, 2 Jo, 1 Mary, 2 Ruby, 2 Sam, 2 Dean/Jo, 2 Dean/Mary, 3 Dean/Sam, 2 Castiel/Dean
16 the Vampire Diaries: 2 Alaric, 1 Bonnie, 4 Damon, 2 Elena/Katherine, 1 Elizabeth, 1 Jeremy, 1 Klaus, 1 Stefan, 1 Tyler, 1 Elena/Damon, 1 group


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warning: image heavy!
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For anyone interested in graphic art who is tired of icon_tutorial as the only place where you find "how to's" on livejournal I'd like to introduce you to:

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GraphicSluts is intended to be a resource and discussion arena for multi-fandom graphic artists - the processes, the techniques, the theories behind making art. Once a month we'll be hosting an open discussion about some trend we see in graphic art. At the end of every month we'll have a guest speaker who will offer their own unique perspective on the kind of art they do.

Membership is open, posting access is restricted as we start up (although we have great plans for mid year), and if you've ever been curious about making icons, making wallpapers, making anything ... and curious about how others do that magic they do so well, this comm is for you.
Buffy: Fuffy BW

151 Whedonverse Icons

There are 151 Whedonverse icons this post. Really not good for the dialup users. No rules aside from: don't hotlink, please. Take them, use them, whatever makes you happy. You can alter them or add text or whatever. Seriously. LOL

151 Whedonverse Icons here
Breakdown: Big Bads (Andrew, Jonathan, Harmony, W&H Employees, The Master): 7, Fanged Four (Darla, Dru, Spike): 10, Scoobies (Anya, Dawn, Oz, Giles, Potentials, Xander): 12, Fang Gang (Gunn, Connor, Gwen): 11, Buffy, Faith, Buffy/Faith: 7, Various Pairings (Xander/Anya, Willow/Xander, Oz/Buffy, Wes/Virginia, Xander/Cordy): 11, Wes, Fred/Illyria, Wes/Fred: 12, Willow, Tara, Willow/Tara: 9, DB/Angel: 20, CC/Cordy: 19, Cordelia/Angel: 26, Firefly: 7

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All icons are sharable.
Textless icons are not bases.
Do not edit any of these graphics.
Please comment and credit; comments make me happy!
More graphics and credits are available at

1-24: Supernatural - Various episodes and characters
25-27: Jared Padalecki manipulations
28-37: Angel and Buffy - Cordelia and Fred
38-51: Sarah Michelle Gellar manipulations
52-54: Buffy and Faith
55-56: Buffy and Spike
57: Spike and Willow
58-60: Willow and Tara

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