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Sex, Drugs, and Rock n Roll

Smoke it to the butt, Baby.

Let's Fuck.
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{About Us}
- This community is not a rating community
- We do not hate every "straight edge" kid. What we hate is being bitched at for doing what we want, or flaunting that you are straight edge everywhere we look.
- This community is for the sole purpose of helping each other out with drug/alcohol/sex questions and by having a laugh at the pictures that we take of our shitfaced nights.
- We do not care if you are straight edge, just don't post here about how we are "wrong" and you are "right" because we will just be cunts and ban you.

{Wanna Join?}
-Click the "Join this community" link above
-After which, come back to the userinfo and above you'll see a little blue pencil button, click that and post an entry in here introducing yourself.
-After you do this, one of the mods will be sure to add you to the members list.

- You can put up pictures of you're shitfaced nights
- You may summarize your intoxicated nights
- You may post a question concerning something drug/alcohol/sex related. No nude photos.
- You may promote another community here if you put a link to where you promoted our community. If you fail to do so one of the mods will delete you're entry.
- You must be on the members list to post anything other than your introduction entry. Anything else will be deleted by one of the mods.
* See above to learn how to become a member

Mod- Angelkins
Contact -i cum poppunk

Mod - Sammie
Contact-o caress me d0wn

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