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Name : Marissa
Age : 16
Gender : Female
Location : Chicago, northern suburbs of...specifically Glencoe.

10 Bands :
1. Neutral Milk Hotel
2. Promise Ring
3. Desaparecidos
4. Vitalic
5. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
6. Mirah
7. Sunny Day Real Estate
8. Tilly and the Wall
9. The Books
10. The Faint
5 Songs :
1. "Gardenhead (Leave Me Alone) - Neutral Milk Hotel
2. "Song Against Sex" - Neutral Milk Hotel
3. "Deaf Kids" - The Books
4. "B is for Bethlehem" - Promise Ring
5. "Do You Realize" - The Flaming Lips
3 TV Shows :
1. Weeds
2. Queer As Folk
3. Curb Your Enthusiasm
3 Movies :
1. Donnie Darko
2. Party Monster
3. SLC Punk
3 Books :
1. The Perks of Being a Wallflower
2. Catcher in the Rye
3. Harry Potter...all of them
5 Random Likes :
1. Chapstick Medicated (this shit's addictive, I swear! No, it actually is though)
2. Making stained glass stuff.
3. Really soft, nice jeans.
4. Black pens (as opposed to blue).
5. Nail buffers.
5 Random Dislikes:
1. Chapped lips.
2. Camel toe.
3. Things that you have to recharge the battery for right when you need them.
4. My computer.
5. How I always lose a sock or two in the dryer.

Best show you went to and why it was the best: Probably Promise Ring (11/12/05). Well, they've been broken up for..2 or 3 years now. So it was a one time reunion for the Flower Fifteen benefit. They actually had a lot of good shows, it was like, 5 or 10 nights or something but I only went to Promise Ring because I didn't want to pay to see anyone else. They played with Tereza and Make Believe and the singer in Make Believe, something Kinsella, tried to get the crowd to have an open discussion about Jesus and facing a mob and shit which was funny but it got old fast. Yeah, but I love Promise Ring and they were AMAZING even though they didn't play "B is for Bethlehem" or "Electric Pink". And some of the best things were shouted out between songs and bands, like "Bright Eyes sold out!" Which is just amusing. The crowd was amazing. Basically it was all guys who were over 21 and not a pair of girl pants on a boy in sight. Not that I'm against it or anything, but yeah. It was nice.
What's your favourite thing about yourself? : My independency? My hair when it curls well? I'm not sure...
What's your least favourite thing about yourself? : My huge ass love handles. And my inability to open up and trust people with what I have to say.
If you had one wish what would it be? : To have the amazing ability to get into any college no matter what! Specifically, BC, BU, or GW.
Tell us a joke : So the first Jewish president is elected, and at the inauguration, his mother is sitting next to the Secretary of State and when her son is up, being inaugurated, she leans over to the secretary of state and goes "Do you see that man up there?" She points to her son. "His brother's a doctor!"
How did you find _fuckingEMO? : Well I applied a long time ago but I never got officially accepted and then I was like 'whateva' and didn't follow up on it. So then I was like 'hey, I should re apply and then be active because that's always fun' ... Anywho, I think I found it being advertised in another community. I can't remember. I re found it on my list of communities I'm in.
Promote us to a LJ Member (not another community) and show us the link :

Post atleast 3 clear (no more then 5) pictures of yourself:
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Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Image hosted by (I'm on the far right)

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