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Hi, well today my parents got into a big fight and my mom kicked my dad out of the house and he tried to com back but tonight but my mom said no. IDk if he is comeing back and i'm 13 and i don't want them to get a divorce help!?!
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Hey everyone. For my senior project I am writing a play about a broken family, mainly focusing on marriage. For now I am doing some research. I have created a 10 question survey that should only take about 5 minutes to complete. I'm looking for people whose parents are currently married, but there are issues in the relationship. I realize this is a localized topic, but any help would be greatly appreciated. If you would like to participate in the completely anonymous and confidential survey, post here or send an email to I will then email you the survey. Thanks in advance for your help!
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As you can probably tell I just joined. My name is Hallie and just like all of you I come from fucked up parents.

My parents divorced when I was 2 because of my father's constant drug and alcohol abuse. Dad saw me once a month and every time we'd see each other he would ALWAYS be drinking. The majority of the time spent with him was in bars. He would be so fucked up on drugs that he would inadvertently put me in harms way. Like the time he left me alone with this man who stared at me while masturbating. I was 8. By the time I turned 5 I was resentful of him and didn't want anything to do with Dad. Then when I was 11, he died from his abuse.

Mom isn't as fucked up but she was abusive when I was younger. She'd hit me with her belt and all that nonsense.

As of now I'm living in a seperate country to get my stuff back together. But as everyone here knows, broken hearts aren't easy to mend.

my story...

i dont really know the comparison of fuckedupness on here... but..
my father is and has always been a hardcore drug addict (+ drinking... constantly). hes manipulative, sexist, and is an extremely angry person.
my mother is an alcholic... and a compulsive liar... anything that she can say to put me down she will, and anything that will offset how amazing my life is going, she will do.
my stepfather is the same, a tyrant.
therefore this puts me in a nice little state of chronic depression and social anxiety disorder...
but now... im at college, and away from all of that.

I havent posted in here in a while...

So my dad and his girlfriend are living with my grandmother again... They're both off meth and my dad got a job (he hasnt had a job in 4 years) so thats good... He still totally ignores me but whatever, at least hes sort of getting back on his feet.

My mom on the other hand is still living in a trailer next to my other grandmother's house with my repulsive step father. Theyre such trailer trash and they dont know it. Neither one of them work, and theyre both totally capable of it. They complain about their situation non stop, but they do nothing to change it. Ugh. Its embarassing.

So I've been living with my aunt and her boyfriend and that sucks as well.. because my aunt's boyfriend is a controlling asshole that treats me like a 12 year old and a slave at the same time, and my aunt lets him. I mean I cant complain too much, I live in a nice house and get pretty much whatever I want, but still. I cant deal with his smart assed remarks and shit. 8 more months till I'm 18... Then I'll be free. Oh my god I cant wait.
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hey all.

fucked up parent, huh? yeah. my mom picked up the bottle again. after she shoved the fact that she gave me 20 dollars for gas to get to my concert, i slapped a 20 on the table an told her to buy herself some more happiness.
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