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So, I don't know what to fucking to.

My best friend, Sara(21) is dating a guy named Mike(25). When they first started dating everything was cool, but they didn't know each other well at ALL. Mike soon learned that she's a clingy attention whore and told me he wanted to break up with her - and my DUMB ASS convinced him not to, just so she would stay out of me and my boyfriend's hair(he's her younger brother and always thinks he's trying to take me away from her).

Since then, every week he tells her he wants to take a break. Every time she starts bawling(not because she loves HIM, but because she ALWAYS needs a boyfriend, she's fucking pathetic). Yet, during their 'breaks', she's still constantly text messaging him and making sure he knows that they are still together.

Over the course of only two months he's proved himself a useless fucking bum. He's always borrowing her car to 'look for a job'(he does this because his license is revoked), then doesn't put gas in it. He's always 'borrowing' her money, but never pays her back. Then, today he texts me asking if I can get him coke, and to not tell Sara(she HATES coke with a passion, long story). So NOW Jon and I know what the fuck he's always doing with her car, and why he's always borrowing her money. But, I don't know what to do when it comes to Sara. If I tell her, there will just be a shitload of drama, and she won't end up dumping him, because she can't be without a fucking boyfriend and is too lazy to go look for another. Not to mention, he knows my phone number and where I live, and will fucking harrass me if I tell her, and get mad every time she's hanging out with me, because he gets mad WHENEVER she hangs out with ANYONE besides Jon and I. However, if I don't tell her, he's going to keep using her and using her, and she will eventually find out that I was hiding shit from her on his behalf.

What do I do? She doesn't listen to anything anyone says about him that's negative, but I just don't want to see my friend get used like that.

(No need to bash Sara - Jon and I spend a good few hours a day discussing her idiocracy :] )

Also, I know this isn't really drug related, but I just dont know what to fucking do and you guys' opinions are the only ones I care to listen to with this issue lol
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Okay, I used to do coke sometimes and I haven't for awhile and I sort of lost touch with my connect (her stuff was good, but not always) and now I've been wanting to get some more stuff. But I can't find a reliable source! Coke is the worst drug to try to find when you're looking for the "good shit" or pure, so I was wondering how you met a reliable dealer? The person I get my x from doesn't sell it anymore and the person that sells ice and weed is always great but not what I'm looking for. Did you guys go to clubs and actually ask around? I'm too afraid to do that, but I really want to meet someone that can hook me up, so tell me how you met your someone reliable if you have someone. I'd really like to know because it's really frustrating.


You know in Cruel Intensions where Sarah Michelle Gellar has that cross in which she hid her yay? I was wondering if anyone knew where to get that type of necklace, with the spoon and everything. I was thinking maybe a flea market? I have no idea so if anyone can help that'd be awesome. I live in the suburbs of Baltimore so if anyone is in that area and knows any stores let me know!
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Hello There!

Hi all, I'm S-J.  I have just started back on LJ again, after a few years' break.  I went onto My Space for a while.  Could anybody answer me a quick question please (I will read though past posts in a while to see if it has been covered before).

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I tried ecstasy for the first time last weekend. 
Pretty sure it's the best feeling ever. The cops came up to me and kept shining a torch in my eyes like 'whoah have you seen her pupils?? what are you on??? you're pupils are massive' but they couldn't do fuckall. 
The next day though the roof of my mouth was all cut up?? And my whoolle body was aching and i couldn't stop throwing up. Is this normal??

coke rush

My rush with coke was to split a 1/4g with my girlfriend - she would fix hers and in the midst of her rush I would lick her to her orgasm, which never took long at all. Meanwhile, I would be excited from her orgasm and she would start to slowly suck me while I readied the fix for me....just seconds before I would cum, I would slam the shot and cum so hard I would almost passout. My girlfriend would continue to suck as I shot my load, until I couldn't stand the dual rush and orgasm....I still get hard just thinking of the rush....even when doing something simple like driving to the grocery store...
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We in Siberia have a good way. When the marijuana blossoms we gather faeces of Yrgyn. This is such animal as hamster. Small and in a marijuana's bush lives. Marijuana is Yrgyn main food . Very well Yrgyn faeces to smoke. I wish to live in America.
But I do not know are Yrgyn there. I cannot live without Yrgyn faeces!
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Purchasing drugs online?

I live in Tulsa, OK, and if you live here then you probably know how difficult it is to find psychoactives. I was just browsing the web and found websites like this and this and was just wondering, has anyone ever purchased drugs online? What was the result and do you continue to do it? The drug stores above are legal and all, I'm not talking about purchasing e or coke.

I've been wanting to try shrooms and acid for a long time now, but it's impossible to find. I was wondering if this would be an okay alternative, but I wanted to find someone with experience first.