pseudo_pal (pseudo_pal) wrote in _fucked,

Hello There!

Hi all, I'm S-J.  I have just started back on LJ again, after a few years' break.  I went onto My Space for a while.  Could anybody answer me a quick question please (I will read though past posts in a while to see if it has been covered before).

Most of my friends think I "over-do it" a bit.  One of my friends says I "have the tolerance of Keith Richards".  For the past few weekends, I've taken 6 or 7 Es at a time with absolutely zero effect (apart from some temporary blindness a couple of weeks back for a couple of minutes - when I had too much poppers at the same time I think).  Anyway, can I get my tolerance back to normal, without abstaining???  Thankies! xx

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