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 ....Love your blog. I see we have a few things in common  ;) . I added you as a friend, I think. Does "joining your community" mean I added you as a friend. Anyway, check out my journal if you'd like. I tend to write in story form, though. Keep it up. I enjoy reading.


sooooo me and my friend just got ahold of some EX like homer and bart simpson........ anybody else seen it shaped like that? it tastes bitter and nasty but looks like a vitiamin,,,
The pixies-credit to elektricpink00 from

well well well..

i've been a busy little girl this year, and a lot as of lately..

home from school and i've found a molly connection so i've been indulging in that.
I plan on doing it 2 days before new years as well. I also scored some amphetamine

My question to you.. What activites/movies/ etc.. do you like to do/watch/play while
on either of these things. My friends are doing it for the first time and i want to set
something up to make it fun for them.

& any suggestions to making rolling more intense or last longer? i plan on smokin'
too but i figure thats a given


what up

got a question for the females here who have kids && smoke that green... after you had your kids and ya smoked again did your high on weed change? instead of high & happy I am now paranoid as fuck!! add me if ya want i love new friends <3

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The Old Man

i had to sit there as he explained
how his little life had shattered
and now he felt so drained

he spoke of things i know too well,
like how your perfect world
can go to hell

he talked and talked, his voice shook to quake
he spoke of knowing nothing,
and only heart ache

he told me of dreams that they would grow old,
not ever thinking of one day,
feeling so cold

when he spoke of depth and falling low
he spoke of what i had said,
when i chose to go

he told me not to hold on
that my life was short
and soon it'd be gone