Do you got what it takes to be fucked

p r o v e yourself

Are you a sex goddess or just a virgin?
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About _fuckable

Welcome! This community is a rating one, on looks mostly, and a tiny bit of personality. It’s a bit of fun, where people vote to see if they think you’re so hot your fuckable, or think that you’re so ugly you should stay a virgin forever :P

Maintainers and mods

The maintainer is…:
Jackie, l0ve_me_r1ght. As the maintainer she ban people, delete people, decides who’s a mod and who isn’t, change the layout, change rules, accept and reject people.
The mods are…:


As the mods they can report people who they think should be banned/deleted to the maintainer, reject and accept people, and you know, boss people around :P

Rules for people applying

1) Don’t vote, or comment, or post(with the exception of your app) until you’ve been accepted
2) Fill out the application below completely.
3) You must post your application 12 hours after joining, and I do check up on this.
4) Wait a full 3 days, then you shall be accepted/rejected
5) Once rejected, leave community at once.
6) Lj-cut, please!
7) You may re-apply with diff pics after one week
8) 15’s and over’s only, please!
9)Make the app FRIENDS ONLY(and I'm getting real fucking strict on this now, if you don't follow this one rule you're auto rejected)

The app!

Marital status:

One word to quickly describe you:
Do you smoke, take drugs or drink alcohol?:
Whats the definition of ‘sexy’ to you?:
What flatters you?:
What turns you off?:
Any special talents?:
Bad habits:
If you were an animal what one would you be and why?:
What do you think is the worst thing that could happen on a date?:
What would your perfect partner be like?:
If you change anything about yourself what would it be?:
Do you flirt? If so how do you do it?:
Are you serious about relationships or not? Why?:

If you paid me enough I would…
I spend most of my money on…
The best thing that could happen to me right now is…
The annoying thing that is always happening to me is…
People always say to me…
I was put on earth to…
When life hands you men/women…
I couldn’t live without…
I’m a complete___whore!

If accepted into _fuckable I promise to…
First impressions of _fuckable:
Two or more face pictures:
One or more body pictures:
My salute(a picture of you holding a piece of paper with your username on it):

Rules for members

1) Vote for each person once and only once
2) Don’t start arguments, and don’t spread rumors
3) When you’ve voted no, give them tips on how they improve so that you would vote yes
5) If going away for hiatus, please let us know!!!
6) Promote only once a month and do it under a cut. If not it just makes the community ugly
7) Make posts FRIENDS ONLY

To make sure you all stay active we’ve got themes :]
This month’s pic theme is: Your favourite piece of clothing.
Post pictures of your favourite peice of clothing :) As many clothes as you want!
This months story theme is: Ruined clothes
Any pieces of clothes been ruined? Tell us about it!
Member of the month

This is another way to keep members active. The beginning of each month the maintainer will make a post saying ‘Member of the month time! Get voting!’
Vote by commenting with the user’s name you want to win. Don’t do it anonymously. Vote only once. Give reasons if you want. Don’t vote for yourself. You can vote for mods and the maintainer. You don't have to vote straight away! Leave it a bit so you get to know the members better
January 05's winner: l0ve_me_r1ght
Febuary 05's winner: imasexkitten
March 05's winner: dancing_gloss

The test
The test is something I threw up to keep control of inactivity, ugly members and just to make _fuckable different. Its not a really test, well its a test of how good you look I guess haha. Heres how it works:

Members post pictures of themselves whenever they want and how much they want, like they usually do. The other members, instead of saying that hot they are and all that they give them 'hot points' out of 10. 10 being super hot, 1 being butt ugly.

The two members with the least points out of everybody at the end of the month are put up on a head to head. So they send their best pics of the month to me, and maybe even a lil message to the voters and I'll post them and the members will vote on which member they want to stay. The member with least votes gets put on probation.

Probabtion means that the next month, if they are one of the two people with least votes again they will have to leave the community. But will be free to apply again in two weeks.

If a member doesn't post pics then they are automatically put on a head to head with the two other members-I'll get pics of you somehow, and if I don't, you're automactically on probabtion.


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Thank you Siempredescalzo at lush_designs for making our
Accepted and rejected banners
Promo banner!

Sister Communities!

We will be sister communities with any community as long as...
1)Your a member of _fuckable
2)Its a rating community
Be sure to check our sister communities out! :)