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I have Medacare with part D and just hit that wonderful Donut hole.  Between hormones and meds for my other conditions I'm looking at +/-$600 a month for the rest of the year D^8

I currently used Androgel, but can get the prescription rewritten for Testim which I've used in the past (cheeper injectables are out of the question).  Both cost the same at local pharmacies, around $250.  Androgel has an assistance program (http://www.solvaypharmaceuticals-us.com/patients/patientassistanceprogram/0,7468,7438-2-0,00.htm) and Testim has $40 off every month coupons (http://www.testim.com/testim-insurance.aspx).

The form to apply for assistance for the androgel requires a diagnosis number.  My social security and medicare info is still all listed as F.  Have any of you applied for this assistance, and if so, what diagnosis did your doctor give them, and did you have any problems? 

If that doesn't work / help out, I'll just switch back to Testim and use the coupons.  Is there anywhere to order it from that would be cheaper than my local pharamcies?

Ok, this has been dwelling obsessively on my mind for a couple days now...

But I don't believe people who say they date FTM's or MTF's and respect them as their identified gender, but could never date the 'cis' version because they hate cock or pussy. I just don't buy it. This idea that hey, boys are really hot, but sperm just turns me off too much so I date my local transguy... Eh, seriously? If somebody would like to tell me how this is not a super fucked up or just kind of weird thing to say please do tell.

Community set to friends-only posts

Very reluctantly, after escalation of the problems a number of the trans communities have been having with posts being leaked via screencaps and posted elsewhere, we, along with many of the trans and trans partners communities have had to set the default for posts to friends only. Hopefully we will be able to change this in the future, but at the moment for the safety of our communities, this is the way things have to be.

Anyone wanting to join the community who has a community only LJ needs to email one of the moderators with both their normal and community on LJ user names. Emails can be sent to suevill@alphalink.com.au. I'll let my co-mod add his own email if he's ok with people having it.

I'm sorry we've had to do this, but until we can stop the problem, this is the only way we can safeguard (to the best of our ability) the communities we are responsible for.


There has been a disturbing event happening in some of the trans groups, where a transphobic person has taken screen shots of LJ entries (including friends only ones in other communities) and has posted them on another journal type site. For this reason, I have chosen for now to set new members to moderate(so they will have to talk to me before joining). I can't work out how to set the minimum lj posting in the community to friends only (if anyone knows if this is possible please email me at suevill@alphalink.com.au). Basically, all trans groups are currently potential targets, so I'm doing what I can to minimise damage (I don't THINK anything from here has been posted elsewhere, but I can't be sure.

If anyone has any questions, or further information, please feel free to comment, I am going to set this post to filter all comments til I have read them, so let me know if you want yours unlocked when I've read it, otherwise I will leave it locked in the hope that we can continue as the safe and friendly group we have always been. The filter for this ONE post will be private.

Please can you make all posts friends only for now, and if there are any past posts you want to change the settings on, please feel free, I can't do that (that much I could work out from the FAQ's.

I'll assess what to do as I talk more to moderators, some are looking at the drastic step of deleting their entire members list and making everyone go through moderation! Hopefully that won't be necessary here.
(a note that you've read and understood this would also be much appreciated so I know how much of this community I've managed to get the attention of)
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A Question

Hi guys.  I'm questioning going through with transitioning.  During this questioning process, I am reflecting upon some life experiences, and I'm wondering if others can relate.  As a kid, I felt 100% male and the fact that my body said otherwise was a source of confusion, shame, and generally being a pissed off and very macho kid.  When puberty started, I hated it at first, slouched to hide my developing breasts, etc.  However, I kind of blossomed and started to feel (sort of!) female for the first time in my life.  However, as I became a "girl," I always observed my behavior from the outside, before acting, saying to myself, "What would a girl do or say in this situation?"  This sort of monitoring was always present, as I had never been a girl before, it was all new.  As the years of "being a girl" went on, my "girl" self became very solid.  There were still gender issues, no doubt, but I buried they very deeply.  

I'm wondering if anyone else can relate to having developed a solid "girl/woman self," and I am wondering if, anyone who has had such an experience has moved away from that and successfully transitioned.


tips re swimwear? (cross posted to _ftm_ and australian_ftm)

hi folks just wondering if anyone has any tips re swimwear (pre chest surgery)?

for the last couple of years ive been wearing boardshorts and this sleeveless, round neck rash vest thing from a brand called "spank" (hehe) that i got from a swim store however they dont seem to make them anymore!

i am wondering if anyone who is also into swimming (laps etc) and has any ideas?

i just found this but its way too funny -

http://www.lovepiec eclub.com/ e/main.php? action=product& seq=941&categori es_id=149#

this could be a goer - it looks like it could be good but costs over $120 so its a bit of a risk to buy if its not going to work

http://www.lovepiec eclub.com/ e/main.php? action=product& seq=1224& PHPSESSID= e29a37311899e92a 48b832183e797813 #

so anyways if anyone has any ideas or sites that might be worth checking out?

thanks heaps.



FTM Coming Out Support Group in Los Angeles - Please spread the word!

Please spread the word of this resource to colleagues, associates, partners, clients, patients, and friends. Thank you.

To join the group (intake and commitment to weekly attendance required), please call (323) 860-5811 to speak with the facilitators and to schedule an intake.
Please note that this is a closed, no drop-in group. Starting soon - call now!
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Trans and Poly

This will be a short post.
I was just curious if there are any other transguys on here that are polyamorous except for me. If so, maybe we could be friends or something(?) I have personal trans-and-poly friends, but sometimes they're difficult to get in touch with when I need them.
Any support from you guys (or support in the form of links to trans-and-poly- friendly forums/LJ communities/websites) would be really appreciated at this time.

honey bee

Transgender Study Group in Pittsburgh, PA

Transgender Study Group -- you're invited!

Transgender people & allies in Pittsburgh, PA, USA, will begin gathering weekly to discuss articles, watch short documentaries, and share spoken word.

We hope to empower and educate ourselves, unlearn transphobia, and explore trans activism in the context of building broad movements for social justice. Please note: this is a trans-positive space, not a place to satisfy curiosity about transgender people.

Meetings are in Oakland at Pitt, Wednesdays 7-9 PM, for 8-10 weeks starting January 30 (attend as many or as few meetings as you like)

More info: http://www.animalfreedom.info/study/trans/trans.html

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I will flat out admit I didn't go through any other posts before posting this. But I am wondering if anyone ever feels like they are bleeding when they aren't. I have been on hormones for about 3 years now, but every once in awhile I will get like slight cramps and just a feeling like I am bleeding. But yesterday it was really bad like woke me up and lasted all day I soaked in the bath that night it seemed to help. I am going to attempt to find a place to go see a doctor but I wanted to know if anyone else goes through this at all. So any advice or information anyone could give me would be awesome.