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Behold the magnificent creation before you...

now before you see the thing in question, i shall educate you as to why i bothered making such a creature: sarah wrote an entry in her journal about her proposed travels for next year and there was some issue of travel costs. in response to this plight, i though i should be a good friend and lend a hand. i would like to point out at this point that i was somewhat bored when producing this...

here goes...

good innit. well my paint skills are notoriously good and they didn't let me down at all i think you'll agree.  it has the tail of a crocodile for propulsion in water and also for balence when attempting tight-rope walking. moving on, we have the body of a cheetah for speedy evasion of all things worth evading. moving on we have a rather fetching pair of wings for flying and looking pretty. finally the head of a pigeon so that wherever she goes, sarah travels in style thanks to that rather cool head-bobbing that pigeons do. i think that on her arrival home she will be pleasantly surprised.

anyone have any improvements or a name for this fine beast?

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Pigeon-haters beware...

unless you would like to befall the same fate as Nasty Nikki the history loving person. i am quite proud of that picture, took me ages on paint :D the offending picture is now goooone. but the score remains 1-0 :D speaks for itself really. 1-0 Pigeon Pals - Moggie Mob
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fruitonia is stagnating!

we need to push on with our world domination plans. first, we need to conquer the world and then we can do something else. something fruit-flavoured.

we need to contact Roy and tell him of his fanclub. i shall research this. then he can join us.

i don't know if fruitonia has a constitution [shiver, reminds me of bloody american history] but i think that the study of history should outlawed amongst other things. also, tv broadcasting will be heavily censored so that no other quiz-shows other than Roy's go out to fruitonians, we can't have them being corrupted.

i think the two queens of fruitonia are being very idle. if they do not start to bring about reforms then i suggest that fruitonians everywhere unite against them and overthrow their tiresome rule. if revolution happens then i will use block-house tactics as utilised by general Von Seect against the communists in china in the 5th extermination campaign. im sure it won't come to that eh?
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I watched Catchphrase yesterday on Challenge TV. Yes, i am cool.

Roy 'the lemon' Walker is such a tease.

The next catchphrase is shown.
Contestant 1: Dancing with Elephants?!
Roy: BRILLIANT!... haha! but it's not right!

Oh Roy. You little scamp. Don't get Wendy's (or whatever her name was) hopes up like that.

That's it really.

(I should possibly explain that 'Dancing with Elephants' is not actually anything to do with the final Catchphrase and the woman did not actually say that. I just could not remember what she did say and so i let my imagination run wild... and came up with 'Dancing with Elephants')
neon lights whenever you walk by

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It's been ..a few days since anyone wrote anything in here. So I thought I should in case the community got sad, packed its bag and ran off to join the circus because it thought we didn't love it anymore.

Have you all had your five portions of fruit today?
No, me neither.

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It's kind of fruit related...

Choose a number between 1 and 9.
Multiply it by 9.
You should have a 2 digit number (09 if you chose 1 originally).
Add the 2 digits.
Subtract five.
Find the letter of the alphabet that corresponds to the number (a=1, b=2, etc).
Think of a country in Europe that starts with that letter.
Think of a fruit that begins with the last letter of that country's name.

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Worked for me. I knew the answer though because I've had it done to me before...