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I'm looking for sister communities to help get my new community angels_of_lj on it's feet.

Would this community be interested in sister-ing us?

And if anyone wants to join, I am auto accepting/rejecting applications until we have enough people to vote. There are still spaces.

Enjoy and thank you.
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My Ideal Partner

My ideal partner is an individual, someone who is not afraid to be his or her self no matter what other people think or say. My ideal partner is a free spirit who will not hide their unique perspective, but defined it, and defend the unique perspective in others. He or she will form their own world view and not be afraid if it does not match the standard.

My ideal partner would be a teacher and an enlightener, or at least try to be. They will be controversial, because in order to make a difference, one has to me.

He or she would also be able to do this with warmth, compassion, and humor. He or she will feel their emotions fully and not stifle or be ashamed of them. A temper, immaturity, or unpredictability is allowed.

They should be passionate and wise, and able to use that to better others.

Note: You asked for an ideal. I know that no one is. *GG*


What I look for in my ideal mate:

The definition of the word "Ideal" is: existing as a mental image or in fancy or imagination only. So I tend to believe there is no actual ideal out there for me because everyone is so unique in their own ways. One person can never live up to another person's total expectations. But it is fun to dream and I do dream of my "ideal mate". So here is what I would look for; and if he's is out there send him my way please...LOL.

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What do I look for in a person?

This will sound insanely obvious and silly, but I thought I would go ahead and enter. :) I want someone who can be a best friend and a lover. Someone I can talk to about anything and everything, for there to be no secrets. Someone I can trust enough to fall asleep in their arms. Someone who will be fiercely loyal and will stick beside me no matter what. A person who can sit in silence for hours with me, yet walk away feeling they have had the best conversation of a lifetime. Someone who I dont have to constantly explain myself too, and will understand what I mean. I found this person once but lost them to stupid pride. And this is what I continue to search for.


ive stopped looking for particular qualities in people. this is because when i used to do that, it would be incredibly hard for me to find someone who fit.
but now, finally, i have found someone who i connect to. And, had i looked for particular qualities initially, i probably would not have pursued him.