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Stamped//Theme best high school experence. I'll admit that I was one of those odd balls who actually had a mostly pleasurable experence in High School...I'm not sure I can pick one. Lets see...

I believe that my favorite high school experence had to be Ring Ceremony or the 98 Degrees concertl. At Catholic we had a ceremony to get our class rings, then we all went out infront of St.Andrews and got our friends to turn our ring. My class (2000) chose to get ours turned 100 times. When the guy who was my best friend took his turn, he turned the ring then kissed me. Thus you have my first kiss. Which was out, infront of the WHOLE school, and a church. *laughs*. I was so stunned I went to his house that night and requested a re-do. I'm a perfectionist, what can I say *laughs*

And before you go talking smack about the 98 Degrees concert, they were cool back in the day! *laughs* The same friend who gave me the Ring Ceremony suprise had talked his mom into buying tickets for he and I to go see 98 Degrees with his little sister and her. So I was uber excited the day of the concert. I was waiting for the school bus to come pick me up, and listening to my favorite radio station. The station was giving away their last pair of backstage passes and tickets that morning. When they announced that they would take caller 10, I was like what the heck and called. I got in. I was caller 10. I freeked out. But it wasnt in the bag yet. I had to sing my favorite 98 Degrees song. Wouldnt you know I completely forgot the words. I'm speachless. But I got my witts back, and I sang "Invisible Man". Keep in mind the bus is so outside waiting for me!!! When I got to school a few kids had heard me sing, and then I got to suprise Michael with the passes and better tickets. He was such a good sport, because I completly geeked when I met them. Nick Lachey was an ass, but Drew -- Justin -- and that other one *laughs* were super sweet. I got my CD signed, got my picture taken. Michael even got his picture taken with the guys. Its the manly-est picture I've ever seen! We had a blast that night....and I still covet those pictures like they are still making money!

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