Vicky (bigvic1788) wrote in _from_within_,

My favorite high school experience was my first love. Not the first boy I thought I loved, but the first boy I actually truely loved.

His name was Keith and he was an inch shorter than me. He was the sweetest, most thoughtful, most romantic person I've ever met.

He was an artist and would draw or paint pictures of me when I wasn't paying attention, putting all of the pictures together in a folder, and then giving to me as a gift later on.

He would always sing "My Girl" to me, and to this day I can't hear that song without smiling and thinking of him.

On time we went to lunch with my mom, at one of the casinos. As we were leaving, going down the stairs of the casino, a Marvin Gaye love song came on. He grabbed me and we started dancing. When the song ended, so did our dancing. All of a sudden we heard clapping, and looked up to see two people standing on the balcony above, looking down at us. Every time after that, when that song would come on, he would grab me for a dance. He was the only person I have ever danced with, and the only person to ever see me dance.

I loved that boy so much. And then one day it was all over.

To this day there's still a small part of me that misses him, that still loves him.

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