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What I look for in my ideal mate:

The definition of the word "Ideal" is: existing as a mental image or in fancy or imagination only. So I tend to believe there is no actual ideal out there for me because everyone is so unique in their own ways. One person can never live up to another person's total expectations. But it is fun to dream and I do dream of my "ideal mate". So here is what I would look for; and if he's is out there send him my way please...LOL.

~Must be honest, if he can't be honest there is nothing to base a relationship on.
~Intelligent: I am not looking for a Rhodes scholar; but someone who can carry on a conversation is good.
~Compassionate: I have a caring heart and I am looking for someone who can and wants to help the less fortunate of the world.
~Loving: Love is important and if a relationship is growing with love that makes it a solid relationship.
~Strong sense of humor: Without laughter life is boring.

Some of the things he must enjoy doing:
Learning new languages
Playing cards
Spending time with my family
Lots of love and passionate sex
Romantic dinners
Watching chick flicks and at least pretending to enjoy them
Hand holding in public
Brushing my hair
Going for long drives to no where in particular
Finishing my sentences for me (knowing me so well he knows what my next thought will be)
Reading poetry out loud with me
Going to flea markets and garage sales
Going shopping
Giving me massages
Treating me like I am the most special person on earth and telling me everyday how much he loves me.
Accepting me for who I am and never wanting me to change that.
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