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To me, most dudes suck at life horribly. Especially in the area in which I live. You see, there's this avenue in my city, simply known as "the ave". It seems as though every moron goes on this ave to meet chicks and basically to get into their pants. It seriously seems like the majority of men in this area, even 10 years older then me... are always on this "ave". And then... girls are always like "Oh my gosh! I can't fart or burp infront of a guy". It seems as though there is an enormous amount of self-concious, idiotic, and self centered people around here. Men don't seem to care about anything besides what a chick looks like (generally speaking in this area).

To me my ideal man is someone who plays sports or tries to stay active, enjoys rock and roll music, drinks occasionally, isn't a goody two shoes and most of all.... I have to feel comfortable with him. I have always been attracted to "the nerdy kid". That's what it seemed like in high school. If there was a boy who sat in the back of the class and didn't say a word to anyone, then I always had a crush! - - - but anyway....  What is the point of being with someone, and trying to make a relationship last if you can't fart infront of them? It sounds pretty disgusting... but it's true. If you plan on marriage one day, you might as well get comfortable and fart and burp infront of a person. If they can't except it and get grossed out, then whats the point?? Being comfortable infront of someone is my main thing. I honestly don't have an ideal look to the perfect man. I always find myself attracted to skinny/slim guys. I'm very short, so height doesn't matter for me. Everyone is taller then me it seems. I love messy hair (as long as it's clean of course!). Being laid back is HOT to me. I definately do not go for the preppy guys who spend more time in a mirror then the average chick. Wrinkled clothes, torn jeans, dirty sneakers... it's all good for me! As long as the person showers, isn't a total nimrod, and has a good heart... then I'm definately attracted!

Sorry Mr. "I'm so buff and tuff and spend 2 hours doing my hair" - I'm not attracted to you at allllllll

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