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The key word in the question is 'ideal'. I know that no one on this planet could fill every single one of these requirements (I even hesitate to call them requirements, more like idle notions) and if I met one that did I would be somewhat disconcerted, because it means my fantasies have been made flesh and are running loose on an unsuspecting public. (And should Sephiroth ever drive up to any of you in a lime green Neon with a pepperoni P'Zone and six pack of Coke looking for me, my email is glitter_faerie_42@yahoo.com.)

But having met someone that contains the most important of the items on this list, I'd say my wishes have been fulfilled in total. So this is my imagination running away with itself and having a grand ol' time doing so.

My ideal fantasy man would be:
- Taller than me (5'11+)
- Toned, not chiseled, yet 'big' enough that I don't feel like an Amazon. I like a softness, snuggle time is better with a squishy tummy.
- Have one of four hairstyles: long and flowing like Legolas; short with long bangs, preferably ones that fall over either eye in that smexy way; longish but spiky/punky; chunky and shaggy, like the neumod cut. In short, anime hair.
- Hair is colored black, deep red/burgundy, bright blue or snow white. Especially snow white. I don't know what it is about guys with white hair, I think it's because I'm always attracted to the villain and they tend to have the long flowing white hair. And I'm an anime freak. So there you go.
- Clothing would fall into the 'freak/goth/geek/punk' category. Black leather, burgandy satin/velvet, yes I want a vampire, sue me. Chokers. Chokers at all times. Can be ribbon or leather, I don't care. God I love guys in chokers.

Now that we have the shallowness out of the way...
- He needs to be laid back, first and foremost. I like passion, I detest analness. The little things that irritate all of us can irritate him, but not to the point where he gets bitchy at every little thing that goes wrong.
- A sense of humour, of course, but mostly a strong wit and quick-thinking tongue. He would enjoy the sort of black humour I do, but dislike 'stupid' humour, fart jokes and the like, that plague most comedy these days. Unless they're deceptively witty.
- He would have to be a geek. Hardcore, hands down. Comics, anime, manga, video games, my golden geek fanboi of diverse knowledge and diverse enjoyment. But he can't take himself or geekery -too- seriously, for that ruins the fun of calling oneself a geek.
- He would be thoughtful in little ways - buying a card for no reason at all, and managing to find the exact one that depicts the situation in our relationship or lives at the moment, finding just the perfect gift that I myself would never have even thought of, etc.
- He would be the consummate lover. But duh. ^^
- He would allow me my space if I needed it, and not get too clingy or needy.
- He should see me as a separate entity, no matter how much we are alike, we are NOT the same and should not be disappointed or surprised if I disagree with his views.
- He should like cats. A lot.
- He would be liberal in thought and politics, perhaps even bi ^^ or at the very least not minding the fact I'm a rabid yaoi fangirl. We should be able to comment on the hotness of guys or girls together.
- He should adore rainy days and thunderstorms, hate snow and love moonlight.
- And lastly, he would allow me to be crazy and illogical when I need to be crazy and illogical, and understand my need to cry when I'm angry; and would hold me while I did so.

- The End -
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