Kathleen (riffkitty) wrote in _from_within_,


I used to have a list like this when I was younger..

-will compliment me when I get dressed up (I put a lot of effort into how I look when going on a date and it's nice to know he noticed :P)
-can cook something other than ramen/appreciates my baking skills
-loves to travel anywhere but most especially Europe
-won't mind if I make more money then them or that I will not be a housewife
-can clean and dust as I am quite bad at cleaning (I keep things organized tho)
-loves to go to art museums when traveling and won't mind if I go through them extremely slowly so that I can see all of the art
-someone that can talk well and present themselves in a polite and sophisticated manner even when not necessary
-someone that appreciates different kinds of food and won't mind treating me occasionally
-someone that won't tell me I'm stupid for feeling the way I do about certain things (i.e. my dad and step-mum) or won't get mad at me when I don't talk about things
-college degree
-a pulse and brain
-doesn't mind if I'm sarcastic at all the wrong moments or that I can be v. v. v. v. stubborn

I think that's it... ^_^

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